Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five reasons why women dump men

Do you know why your last girlfriend dumped you?

Think again, even if you are sure of the reason why she did, I’m sure that you are wrong and that the major reason for dumping you is hidden and very unknown to you and this is exactly why you are going to fail with women every time, you just don’t know how to deal with them and you don’t know how to attract them.

I’m going to share with you the major reasons why women would dump men and what you can do about it to avoid them and to know exactly what to do t stay in the clear zone with women.

The first reason why women dump men is because they are too needy.

Neediness is the first and most major reason why women are going to say goodbye to men and never talk to them again.

Being needy simply means thinking of a woman as the most important thing in your life and that you need to total focus on her and ignore yourself, in other words, you are going to think of yourself as her servant and as her being your master.

This is going to sound not like you, but here are some cases where you can be very needy towards a woman:

You complimenting her all the time

You accepting second class behaviors from her

You treating yourself with disrespect when she is around to please her

You tell her lies to keep her interested in you or with you

You asking her for her opinions about you

. . .

Are you doing some of these?

If yes, then you are at great danger and you need to avoid being needy to a woman.

The second major reason why a woman would dump you is because of not cheating on her!

Relax, I don’t mean that you need to go cheat with every woman you meet or any woman at all to make a woman not dump you.

What I meant is simply ignoring your true nature with women and ignoring your male instincts.

I know some guys who didn’t kiss their girlfriends until months after starting dating them!!!

This is what I mean by ignoring your true instincts.

It’s thinking that sex is bad and that you are going to screw everything with her if you ever dared approach her sexually or kissed her!

This is not the case with women, they love sex and they enjoy it a lot, they are going to wait passionately for the big moment to happen between you too and when it doesn’t, they are going to hate you and think of you as not the best man for them, thus you must be dumped and quickly.

The third reason why women are going to dump men is because they are not decisive.

Women hate to make decisions and thy need you to play that role in their lives.

They don’t want you to be their followers; they want you to walk ahead and them following you.

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