Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tell me what you want I’ll tell you how confident you are

Are you a confident guy?

How do you know it?

I’ve got a better test that will tell anyone whether you are confident or no, and this test is one of the easiest ones to apply.

Here is how you do it: you just ask a person if he’s got some future goals he wants to achieve.

That’s the test, the person needs to tell you want he wants to achieve.

Can you believe this one: most people have absolutely no goals!

If you ask a random person about his goals, he’s going to tell you: “happiness, love, money. . . “

But these are no real goal, these are merely wishes!

The real goal I’m talking about things like: “I want fifty thousand dollars in my bank account”

Goals need to be real and precise, happiness is neither real nor precise, it’s a concept most people are aspiring to achieve but they are never going to be able to.

The best thing you can right now is to take a piece of paper and write down your goals, what you want to achieve within five years, what do you want to achieve at the end of this year?

You need to be able to know what you want and have it in writing.

It’s very important.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you have to be confident?

It’s a question I asked myself a lot of times and to which could only find one answer:

It depends!

It depends on what you want to achieve and what you need to have in your life.

If you already have got a nice steady job, isn’t interested in having a family or friends, think that you are totally satisfied with your life, then there is no need for self-confidence, however, if you find that you lack an exciting life and you are truly ambitious and you would like to have a good influence on the people near you, then you need to start becoming confident, it’s the only way for you to achieve all these.

Once I’ve read that the average person lives in total sleep walking.

At first, I didn’t understand this, but after some few rereading, I started noticing and knowing what the author was talking about.

Most of us are on autopilot mod, we are zombies, we are looking all day long to feed ourselves and to fulfill our natural drives.

Of course, you should think like this, but the average person will always think that these are the most essential things and he will be all the time looking for security versus living well and changing his condition.

I’ve once read that three out of five marriages will end in divorce and tow out of three marriages that didn’t end in divorce, the partners were living unhappy and unfulfilled.

It’s true and these people have one thing in common, they lack the confidence to say stop and to leave the relationship, they are only interested in security and being with a man or a woman, no need to ask for more.

Don’t be like them, dare to ask for more from life, it’s the way out of monotony and being like the others.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The reasons why you will succeed

I’ve had enough of reading the same old titles everywhere like: “three reasons why you will fail”, twenty tips to never fail”/. . .

It’s just terrible what most authors are doing, they are focusing on the negative outcome and totally ignoring a desired, more pleasant outcome, success.

I hate the idea of telling people that they are going to fail or they will get a negative outcome and soon!!!

It’s just not my nature; I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

This is why I’m only going to tell you why you are going to succeed and how you can achieve this success.

Trust me; these reasons I’m going to provide to you are valid and most accurate.

The first reason why you are going to succeed is because you are being proactive.

I loved reading a book, it’s called the seven habits of highly successful people, and in it the first habit the author points at is being proactive.

This means that a person is looking for answers and for actions to do in order to solve his issues.

It’s very simple, if you don’t bring yourself forward and you don’t focus on the result you want, you are going to stay the same, you won’t change at all.

This is the same thing you are doing right now, you are being proactive and you are bringing yourself forward and looking for answers.

It’s great that you’ve got this quality and this is the reason why you are going to succeed no matter what would happen.

The second reason why you are going to succeed is that you know what you want.

You’ve come to this blog looking for information about confidence and self-esteem, it’s a fantastic way and it’s what will make you succeed in every area of your life, you are targeting the things you want in life.

It’s great to have all these two qualities and if you keep on working on them, I can tell you that in one year you are going to be far ahead than most guys you know.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The next mistake

The next mistake to never do when you are trying to impress a girl is telling her jokes.

I know that for a lot of guys, jokes can be their ultimate weapon to impress them.

They may be thinking that by telling her a funny joke, she will laugh a little and think that he is very funny and entertaining.

This can be the case at first, but after the fifth joke it’s going to wear out and he is going to appear as a clown.

When you are with a girl you want to impress, don’t think about her and how you can impress her, just act cool and spontaneous and make her realize that you are not there to impress her, you are just having a good time and being your true self around her, it’s the best way to impress a girl.

I’ve tried it and it works every time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The two most common mistakes you will make when impressing a girl

Do you want to impress a girl, right; here are some mistakes to avoid whenever you are getting some results with her.

These mistakes aren’t here to show you what to avoid when you are trying to impress her, they are here to show you what to avoid when you’ve already started impressing her.

It’s so easy to get confused on this one, you may think that I’ll not start with these and I’ll be good.

No, that’s a whole different story.

What you need to use these mistakes is when you’ve already gotten some results with her.

The first mistake to avoid at all costs when trying to impress a girl is to talk about your achievements.

It’s the most obvious mistake in my opinion; however, we need to have a small talk about it.

Whenever you think about impressing a girl, the first thing that would come up to your mind is that you need to show her what you’ve got and what you’ve achieved.

It’s a legitimate thing and after all, you’ve worked very hard to get these things, so you better tell the world about them.

However, it’s not the best way to go about them.

The best thing you can do about this stuff is to never include them in the conversation.

Let’s say for example that you’ve got a great car, and when you were talking to a girl, you wanted to impress her with it.

It’s a legitimate thing, but what you will be doing is this: you are going to appear as insecure and needy of her attention, which is absolutely not impressive at all.

She will say to her mind: “he wants to get me to like him using his car!!!”

You are going to appear as weak.

The best thing you can do is this: talk normally and when you are going out together, propose to drive her to her place.

Don’t bring up the subject of the car or anything of value to you; let her find out for herself.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Don’t hesitate

The strongest of men will hesitate one day or another.

The question is not to not hesitate; the issue is to hesitate on what.

For example, you want a new car, but you don’t know which color is best for you, this is a perfect example where you can hesitate and even tell others that you don’t know what you want.

However, the thing to never hesitate in and especially with women is when voicing your opinion.

You need to be able to stand tall for yourself, especially with women.

This blog isn’t about dating and being great with women, this blog is about becoming a great man, or woman, a confident and self-assured man who can take responsibility for himself and for other people around him.

To achieve this, you need to be able to voice your opinion every time you feel the need to.

One of the worst things you can do that would harm your self-confidence and self-esteem is to be reduced to silence.

To me, not speaking your opinion and hiding it is like killing yourself with a slow, but effective poison.

Every time you are hiding yourself and putting yourself in a shell, what you are doing in reality is not protecting yourself, what you are doing is hiding your true self from others.

There is a big difference between the two, hiding isn’t protecting!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A strange technique

When i was first learning about the art of becoming confident, i didn’t have in mind something like being a great business leader or wining an Nobel prize, i wanted to do it to seduce a girl, in fact, i just wanted to have a girlfriend, that’s all.

I’ve been all the time a shy guy, I’ve never thought that it was the source of my troubles with women, but one day, I read a very interesting article about the reasons why guys fail with women and I started to link all the patterns to the level of self-confidence in guys, and I found it to be very true, when begin to see what successful guys will do with women, you are going to notice that it’s all a question of high self-confidence and that these men have nothing in particular about them, they are only more confident.

A great technique for growing the level of self-confidence I’ve found and been playing with for a very long time is this one: play the confidence game.

You don’t have to be a magician or anything stupid; you only need to focus on one thing: do as if you are already a very confident guy.

This is how I used to play it with myself, for example, I’d have an important decision to make, I’d then start thinking to myself about how should I act and what should I do.

Then I’d ask myself: how would a confident man behave?

I’d close my eyes and think about the way a very confident man would behave.

Trust me, your inner self, subconscious knows what you need to be doing and knows what you would do it you were a confident man.

That’s the technique, very easy and very simple to apply; all you need to have is a bit of courage to act on what your mind has told you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The fifth element of confidence

The fifth element of confidence is choosing your image.

Let’s say that you have the chance of meeting Leonardo da Vinci, the master painter.

He has granted you an image her would draw of yourself, but on one condition, you have to guide him and show him what to draw, in other words, he won’t draw from your portrait, he will lonely draw from your description of yourself.

How would you describe yourself?

Ugly or handsome, attractive or repulsive?

You may say right now that you are going to probably give him something great about you and only the good feature, but in reality, most low self-confidence people are going to focus on the negative and only on the stuff that will make them look as ugly.

If you’d like to become self-confident, you need to start imagining a more interesting and attractive you.

If you do all the previous steps and elements, but forgot to implement this one, you are going to as weak and very low self-esteem.

The question is how you can install a positive self-image in your mind, a great self-image of a more attractive you?

The answer is by imagining it.

You imagine who you want to be and become the person you are and the features you want this person to have.

It’s a very challenging step, but you have to do it and you have to do it soon.

Here is what you are going to need:

A pen and paper.

You start by writing on the top of a piece of paper this title: who am i?

Then you start to write the features you want to have and possess.

Write a minimum of twenty features, they all have to be extremely positive and true to yourself.

For example, you can’t be a short guy and write in your features, “I’m a two meters guy”, no, you can’t, you have to be true to yourself and to write only what accurate.

If you allow these five elements to guide you and to be a part of you, you are going to become one of the most attractive and self-confident man around, you won’t believe the amount of success you are going to reach and you can’t believe the amount of joy this will add to your life.

Good luck and bye bye.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The fourth element of self-confidence

The fourth element of self-confidence, awareness.

Imagine this, you are in a room full of traps and dangerous, the light is off and you have your eyes closed!

What would happen to you?

Yes, you would fall into one of the traps in there.

It’s the same thing with confidence, when you are not aware of what you are doing and where you are heading, then you are simply hurting yourself and you will definitely fall into some nasty stuff.

The self-esteem writer Nathanial Brandon puts awareness as the first element of having high self-esteem, if you are not aware of your actions and where you are heading, then no matter what you do and what you achieve, you are always going to feel low self-esteem.

This is the same thing as with self-confidence, if you are not aware of yourself and your actions, then you are not confident.

It’s the fourth element!

How to become aware of what you are doing?

You start by having like a third eye looking at you, in other words you turn off the autopilot in you that’s designing your life and future.

For example, in the past I used to get into fights with people al the time, I was the angry impatient type of guy, I used to being problems to my friends too who were with me.

After knowing about this element, I started notice what I was doing and I started seeing that I am the person responsible for all my troubles and issues with other people.

I remember one day I was waiting in line in the bank, I needed to withdraw some cash.

The line was a bit long when all of a sudden, a man came and stood right near the bank worker, he didn’t look at al the people in line and he took a check, started writing in it and when the bank worker finished with a client, he gave him his check as if he was waiting there before everyone else.

The people in line seemed to be outrageous but didn’t speak; they only mumbled something about this behavior.

I was fourth in line, I went to the bank worker, knocked on the glass and told him that he just came and were were in line first.

The bank worker looked at me, looked at all the people in line and said to the man “sir, please wait for your turn” while giving him his check.

That guy was looking at me as if he was going to kill me!

I looked calmly and returned to my position.

When he was returning to the back of the line, that man said to me “I was here before you!”

In the past, I’d have been very nasty and angry about such a thing and I’d have yelled a bit and even became a bit reddish, but not now, I simply told him: “ok!” and I waited.

He was terribly angry, but me, I was terribly calm and very self-assured.

To myself, I became a hero that day.

The fifth element is choosing your image.

This is what I’m going to talk to you about tomorrow.

Bye bye

Monday, February 20, 2012

The third element

The third element of becoming confident with people is to have some self-respect.

I’m going to tell you this little story from my own life.

Some years ago, about five years, I used to be a very low self-confidence guy; I would even go home and cry when things didn’t work out.

One day, a friend brought a friend with him to my house, we started talking and sharing some opinions.

My friend’s friend was a bullying guy and soon after just talking to him for half an hour, he was trying to make me look like a fool.

I remember one moment I told them my opinion on an issue and my friend’s friend bursted in a loud shout at me telling me that I’m a fool for believing such a thing and I should be ashamed of myself!!!

The opinion I’ve said is that those people in prisons should be liberated and given another chance.

That’s all!

But to that person, he had a totally different opinion.

Back then I didn’t have self-respect for myself and I just looked at him not knowing what to say or do.

It was very strange.

This is just a small example of low self-respect.

The best definition you can have for self-respect is the ability to stand for yourself.

If you can’t stand for yourself, then you are definitely not going to have self-confidence.

How do you acquire self-respect?

You just start valuing yourself and defining yourself whenever you feel a danger coming to you.

You don’t have to beat people or start shouting at them, all you can do to defend yourself is to look them in the eyes and say to them calmly that they should behave in a different manner with you.

That’s all.

The next element of self-confidence, the fourth one is awareness.

Bye for now

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The second element of self-confidence

The second element of self-confidence is self-pity.

As I’ve told you yesterday, today I’m going to talk about the second element to being a great confident man, it doesn’t matter if you have been a low self-esteem guy all your life, all you need to do is focus on these elements and you shall reap the fruit of your hard work in the coming weeks or months.


Isn’t pity something bad or negative?

In our daily language, pity can mean something negative and very unsatisfactory, but in terms on self-confidence and self-esteem, pity to yourself is the way that’s going to set you free from negative self-talk.

I explain: when you try to achieve something or when you see an outcome you are not reaching, most people are going to start talking negatively to themselves.

For example, they are going to say: “I’m no good” , “I hate myself”, “I’m such an idiot”. . .

At the moment of saying such things, most guys are going to feel a little bit of a good feeling in them, but these words will create a vicious circle, in other words, you are going to depend on that little rush of feelings saying such a thing will provide to yourself.

And let me tell you another thing, our mind will believe whatever we throw at him, for example, if you say that you are an idiot, even if you are not, your mind will start to act like one and you will do things which will assert this in you.

This is the role of self-pity, when you exert self-pity on yourself; you are going to do things like this:

Instead of saying bad things to yourself, you are going to find excuses for yourself.

Instead of telling others that you don’t feel good about something you have done, you are going to excuse yourself to yourself and you are going to give yourself some reasons why it didn’t work.

Self-pity is the second element of confidence and if you think that it doesn’t matter that much, try to be confident while talking negatively at yourself al the time.

You won’t be able to do it.

The third element of self-confidence is self-respect.

Tomorwor as usual.

Bye for now

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The five elements of confidence in men

If you are a man and you would like to have more success in life, then you must become more confident, it’s the only way you have got to evolve and to become more interesting to other people and most importantly to yourself.

Here are the five most essential elements of growing and manifesting your self-confidence.

I’m going to give them to you in pieces, so you can read them every single day and reflect on them every time you read one.

Don’t read all of them at once, they will seem so strange and bizarre to you, what you need to do is read one every single day.

Today, I’d like to tell you about the first element of confidence in you, it’s:

Believing there is something better for you.

It’s the key to start feeling confidence and to become confident.

Let’s talk seriously about it for a second, what the difference between a confident man and a no confident man?

If you think long enough about it, you are going to notice that the confident man will always see and believe that there is something good waiting to happen to him, that’s the main reason why he will keep on working hard and going to extra mile that the non-confident will never think of ever approaching.

The no confident man will find it very difficult to believe that there could be something good waiting for him in the future.

One thing the non-confident guys are going to say every single time is: “I feel I don’t deserve it”.

It’s the first sign on losing confidence and respect for yourself.

That’s the first element of becoming a more confident person.

To cultivate this element and to grow it more every single day, you need to start becoming aware that life challenges and hardship are small blocks on your road to success, once you understand this and feel that this problem you are facing right now is just a small step you need to overcome, then you will definitely start seeing that great things awaits you.

The second element is self-pity.

It’s very important too and I’m going to tell you more about it tomorrow.

Bye bye

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to be the man women want

To attract women and to be a very attractive man, there are some changes that you must do first to yourself.

I’m going to share with you two changes you need to have done to yourself inorder to become a man that most women are going to like and admire.

The first thing you need to start doing is cultivating a trustful personality, in plain language, you have to be able to tell the truth and not feel bad about it.

With women, truth means trust.

If you are unable to tell her the truth, she will never be able to trust you, it’s essential for a woman.

A friend of mine was once sitting in the park, a very beautiful woman was doing some stretches, she just finished jogging, he liked her body and he started admiring her, he really took his time, all of a sudden, she approached him and asked him: “excuse me, can I help you with something?”

He looked at her, smiled a little and said: “yes, just return to what you were doing”

She gave him the finger and went away.

Some few days later, he went jogging in that park and found her jogging too, he said hi to her and jogged a little next to her, then he stopped her and said that he was sorry for being rude the other day and that the reason he was looking is that he liked what he saw.

He smiled and went to jog.

She felt very nice about what he did, then he was sitting in the same place, saw her stretching again, and went to her.

He invited her to drink some orange juice with mint in a neat by fruit juice shop, she agreed.

Women are very strange, if you are afraid of saying the truth, it will hurt them, however, if you are daring and truthful, then there is nothing to lose and waste.

Women love it when you are confident about your desires.

The second thing to be attractive to women and to be the man women want is to start looking them right in the eyes.

I’ve had the great experience with a friend of mine, he is the one who thought me how to be good with women and he is the one who have showed me more books on self-help and becoming more self-confident.

Here is what he once told me: a lioness would never be attracted to a lion which will never bit her neck, it’s just unnatural to her.

He then told me that with women, it’s the same thing, they want a man who will stand near them and look them in the eyes.

It’s natural for women to feel attracted to such a man.

What’s not natural then is for a man to look away whenever a woman is looking at him.

It won’t make sense in her mind and logic, but in her subconscious, she is going to hate him and find him unattractive.

If you want to be a man to women, learn to make eye contact with them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The most important thing to being a man

Being a man isn’t just having some testicles and a penis!

These alone don’t make of you a man.

What a man is can be summed up by so many people as a strong and dominant creature, but I can add to these other traits that men must possess in order to be called as such.

I’m going to share here with you three of these traits, I’m sure; you are going to like them a lot.

The first one of the traits that differentiates a man from a child is the desire to do well.

You may see a wrestler who is very arrogant and cruel to others and think that this is how a man should look like, but in reality, a man should be the contrary of this, he should be doing well.

In old days, only those who have saved a life or done a heroic accomplishment could be called men.

You see how doing good and being charitable is a synonym of being a great man.

The other thing about doing good is not caring about the opinions of others, when you are doing good to people and to the rest of the world, many people are going to try to bring you down by telling you that it’s not that effective and one man can’t change the world, but you need to be more patient and learn to ignore such people.

The second one is awareness

I’ve already spoken about awareness and how to make it a part of you, how awareness if going to set you free.

A man should never be on autopilot, he should never be restful and ignoring his pressing issues, he should be able to hold responsibilities and aware of his roles as a man.

That’s what I mean by awareness; it’s the ability to know who you are and what you are required to do next.

The third one is respect of those weaker than him

A great man is known by the way he treats the little ones.

I’ve read once a great children story about a tyrant king, he used to go to war and destroy countries, his people feared him but didn’t love him.

He had a son who was very nice and kind to others, his father despised him and thought of him as effeminate.

When the king died, the son was throned and the people welcomed the son and cheered him more than when the king returned from a great conquest.

It’s the same with you too, you need to be a man who respects others and do well all the time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Imagine what you want to achieve

Have you ever been to a self-help seminar?

The first thing and probably the best thing a self-help guru is going to talk about is to imagine what you would like to be and what you want to achieve in life.

Self-help people are going to repeat this every single time you talk or listen to one that you might think that it’s not a great advice and that it’s only meant to make you buy stuff.

Let me ask you about it for a second: do you believe it’s true?

Does it work?

My answer is yes, it does work and people who have tried it can say with confidence that it’s one of the most beneficial advices they have ever heard.

I can assure you of this too, I myself used to not believe a lot in the self-help movement, but in 2005 I’ve had another opinion.

As I’ve told you before, I was very shy and very closed on myself, one day I was trying to buy a book on something I was studying when I found a book by Brian Tracey, i liked the smile on the guy’s face and I decided to read it.

I can’t believe the amount of success I’ve had from reading such a book, my life has changed ever since.

Brian’s most important advice, you may have guessed it by now, is: imagine the outcome you want for your life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Confidence is being alive

What does the word confidence means to you?

To most men, it will mean meeting lots of women and having a great relationship with one and to most women, self-confidence will mean being able to stand for themselves.

I have a totally different oppinion for the word confidence and its meaning.

What you need to know is that they things described as the meaning of the word confidence are just outcomes, they are not descriptions or definitions of confidence, they are outcomes people want from becoming confidence.

My definition of confidence is: being alive and being true about whom you are.

I’ve watched the other day an episode of a soap opera, the protagonist, female, was reading a book on dating, she was going to meet a man later on that evening.

She was nervous and was relaying heavily on that book tips.

When she meets the man, he invited her to a movie, she accompanied him and before going to the movie, they went to eat something.

The woman satt as indicated by the book, and discussed only subjects indicated in her dating book, soon she was making a scene out of herself and was looking horrible and crazy like.

Then, the man gets a little upset and feels cheated; she doesn’t appear as when he first met her.

The woman, having realized that the book isn’t helping much, looked the man in the eyes and said: “I’d like to say something, I’ve been reading from this stupid book all day long”

And then she putted it aside, called the waiter and asked for some fries!

The man was very impressed and he started laughing, she laughed too and soon, they decided to take a walk and not see the movie.

This is a true act of self-confidence.

Self-confidence to me is becoming a human, daring and being able to know where you are going and what you need to achieve what you want in life.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Stand tall

One of the worst thing I’ve seen in modern men these last years is that they are unable to look at other people’s eyes !

Just try it once.

Look at someone in the eye and you will notice something very normal to most men: he will avert his eye contact and look somewhere else.

It may look like a normal thing to do, but the reality is that it’s one of the worst and most insulting thing you can do to your self-esteem and self-confidence.

A lot of men are going to feel ashamed of themselves and are going to convince themselves day in and day out that they don’t deserve good love, good things and happiness to happen to them.

They think that they are on this earth to suffer and to be redeemed for a mistake someone has done in the past!!!

It’s nonsense.

What are you afraid of?

That you are going to shine and be the best possible person to yourself?

It’s just not the main reason why men are afraid to make eye contact, another reason is that most men have been raised by their mothers, and this has been a real tragedy to most guys.

They were not raised by their fathers, just by the mothers.

In the seventies, eighties and nineties, the trend of divorces and split ups have been really difficulct and very strong, most marriages nowadays are going to end up in a divorce and most relationships are not going to last more than six months.

It’s a really tragedy that has been hitting men more than women.

A woman can’t raise a man, only a man can raise a man.

If a woman raises a man, he will be weak and behaving like a woman, it’s very strange, but it’s the reality, I’ve seen it happening to every man I know who was raised by his mother.

Don’t think of yourself as lacking something or as not enough, think of yourself as the best man possible, the man who is going to be proud of himself and what he’s going to do.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The fourth reason

The fourth reason is being too concerned

In other words, you will like a woman too much to the degree of asking about her all the time and being true “good friend” to her.

It’s the worst thing you can do to a woman, do you know why?

Look between your legs, what do you find, a penis, yes!!

Great, this penis was put there for a reason, to satisfy your desires and her desires as well and to make kids!

If you are a woman’s friend, how can you be her lover?

Women will take only one of the two, either a lover or a friend.

I’ve once dated a woman, she was very nice, but she said that she doesn’t want a man for now and is only interested in friendship!

I told her that I’m not interest in friendship and I want a woman.

She said that it’s not true and that she is going to be my friend anyway.

I told her to not count on it, then I said that I’m not interested.

She didn’t understand this and called me some few days later asking to hung out with me, I asked her what did she mean, and she told me that’s what friends do, I repeated my message to her and told her to make room for another woman.

Anyway, three days later, we were lovers and she was very satisfied by it.

You are not designed by god to be a friend to a woman, you need to have sex with her and to make her feel like a true woman when she is with you, if you deny this role god has given to you, you will have no use to a woman.

Don’t be too nice and too caring, she won’t like it, instead, first be a great lover to her and then, you can be her friend, but don’t reverse these, they will never work.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The third reason

The third reason why men fail with women is they are being too caring

This one is one of the most important reasons why men are going to appear very unattractive to women.

How do you think a man should look to a woman?

Should he be strong and dominant or just nice and caring?

If you said strong and dominant, you are wrong, if you said nice and caring, you are wrong too!

A man should be a combination of both traits, both strong and very dominant while caring and very nice.

This is why most guys are going to fail with women, they are either going to be very nice to them or they are going to be a bit of an asshole to them.

The best combination is to be a bit of an asshole while being funny and fun to her.

Trust me, such a type of man is very rare and when a woman sees a man who has these traits, she will like him immediately.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The second reason why men fail with women

The second reason why men fail with women is they are too nice

A woman once told me about the reasons why she liked her boyfriend.

She told me that he was good looking, nice and affectionate. . .

I looked at her eyes and asked her to tell me the truth!

She was hesitant a little bit, but then I told her that I don’t believe her when she tells me that she likes her boyfriend because he is nice!

She looked at me and laughed a little bit, then she started telling me about the first time they met.

He didn’t shave, just got out of work and when he saw her, he was nice to her, then she told me that she asked him where he was taking her, he told her that it was a surprise, then she insisted and even threatened to go back home.

He looked her right in the eyes and told her: “I’m going anyway!” and kept walking without even looking back at her.

She simply followed him.

She told me that she really liked his self-confidence and his high self-esteem back then and this proved to her that he is a very nice guy, but if she dug deep enough, she is going to find a bit of a confident and very manly man.

Trust me, women are looking for these traits and they want you to be able to show them when they are with you.

Don’t be too nice and too good to them; know that when they want you to be nice, you are going to notice it, but most of the time, they want you to be a man with them and someone who is very strong and with high self-esteem.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Four major reasons for failing with women

By now, you may have noticed that this blog is dedicated a little to men and that most advices here are for men who want to improve their confidence levels.

This doesn’t mean that women won’t find any help here, no, they are going to find lots of great advices, but I’m only saying that as a man, I’m talking from a guy’s perspective.

I’d like to share with my make readers today the four major reasons why most guys are going to fail with women, if you as a man can avoid these reasons and can past them, then you will have al the chances with any woman you meet and want to date.

Women are highly impressed by confidence and confident acts, if you demonstrate one of these reasons; a woman will definitely think that you aren’t that confident at all and that you are only a fraud.

As usual, you are going to be presented with one reason each day, this is not a mean to make you addicted to my writing or something else, it’s just a way to make you understand these reasons and to make you able to reflect on them after finishing reading.

The first reason why men are going to fail with women is that they won’t be able to stand for themselves

I’ve once read an interesting piece of writing by a woman, in it she wrote that she has lost faith in men.

This woman worked as a stripper and through her book, she tells horrible stories of guys who would pay her a fortune just to be with them.

In one of her examples, she said that she wanted to go to a trendy restaurant in Seattle, she didn’t want to pay for herself so she called a man and asked him in a feminine way if he wanted to meet and “grab a bite”.

This man was a bit rich, he met her and asked her where she’d like to go, she told him about the restaurant and then he felt a little shocked, he didn’t bring enough cash.

She started looking angry and decided to leave him and took a taxi home, he went to the nearest ATM and got the money and called her again begging her to “forgive” him.

Then she had a very expensive meal with an outrageous tip!

You see, most men will never be able to look at this woman right in the eyes and tell her: “no”

They are going to bend over and let her command them and ride them for free.

She even wrote that that men has never kissed her or had sex with her ever!!

A four hundred dollars meal is a bit expensive if you ask me for no sex!

Women want you to be a man, they are going to test you, don’t fear it, just be ready to face it and be ready to stand and defend yourself, they want you to do it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The confident man journey

You have to believe in one thing when you’d like to become a confident man: it won’t happen in one night.

This means that when you have decided to become more confident, it will take you a lot of time to achieve it and to be at the level you wised to be in and want.

A lot of guys think that it will take them some few lines to memorize and some images to see while they are half asleep to become confident, especially with women, however, the reality is that becoming a highly confident guy will take you at least three years.

I don’t want to fool you or make you believe in Santa, no, I want you to know what is awaiting you and I also want you to prepare yourself and to be ready to stand tall when you see that you aren’t getting the results you wanted.

It’s very important that you understand this idea and it’s even vital that you have it in your mind all the time; it’s what’s going to make you understand your struggles and what you are going to.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Believe in yourself and let others be

Have you ever been bullied?

I’m going to show you a video that you may have already seen on the YouTube, it’s about a bully who got a nice beating

The aim of pointing you to such a video isn’t to make you laugh a little about that kid; it’s to make you realize that you can be whoever you want to be.

The kid being bullied told in a TV interview that he was bullied from the time he was young.

In other words, forever for him.

To me and you, being bullied can be like a little thing from the past, but in reality, we are being bullied everyday of our lives.

You need to make that little kid an inspiration to you; you need to make him your model in standing for yourself and defending yourself.

It’s true, you may get a punch in the face, but it’s not the end of the world.

The difference between confident men and weak men is in stopping.

The confident guy is going to stand up again, even after receiving a punch, and continue, however, the less confident man is going to stay in his own place and curse his lack and the circumstances.

We all need to take inspiration from that kid who got bullied.