Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can celery attract women?

Can celery really attract women?

This is true according to the latest findings in science, celery is really a great herb to attracting women.

I'm going to reveal to you in this post why celery is great at attracting women.

Who would believe this? Celery to attract women! But this is the reality, have you ever smelled celery?

It is really strong smelling and it has sweet tone to it, now when you start eating celery all the time, your body is going to start producing pheromones and nice smells from it.

In fact, they are not really nice smells, you will not notice any difference, but to women, they are going to feel instantly attracted to you and magnetically appealed by you.

This is the secret about how celery is amazing at attracting women, now the next thing you have to learn about is how much celery is going to be needed to attract women?

The simple answer to this question is to eat about 2 tablespoons every day.

This is what I have tried in the past two months; I started eating 2 tablespoons a day of celery, raw celery, to attract women.

This is what my girlfriend has said to me: "you smell nice"!

The thing is I wasn't wearing cologne and I haven't showered in about three days.

Somehow, celery is very attractive to women because it is going to make a man smell natural and smell like health and strength, these are some fragrances that are really attractive to women.

The next thing you have to learn about celery to attract women is that you should not shower every single day.

This is because celery is going to build your smell, it is going to make you smell strong, and it is going to make you smell natural and attractive to women.

When you start showering every single day, you are going to deplete the natural smell from your body and substitute it with chemical smells that women are really bored off.

This is the essence of attracting women by just eating celery, it is the fact that women are really fed up with guys smelling like nice brands all the times, they are now looking for guys who smell like nature and smell authentic to them.

The second thing you need to learn about attracting women using celery is that you should train your body and you should sweat more.

When you start exercising, your body is going to produce sweat, but it is also going to produce many different pheromones and hormones to make you stronger and to make you more attractive to women.

Have you ever noticed this: when you train your body, you are going to start smelling bad to yourself, However if you asked a woman about the best moments and the best activities to do with her man she is going to tell you that one of the best things she likes about her man is when he's done exercising, it is because he is at his peak pheromone production.

Celery attract women, this is a fact.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to become more attractive to women

How can you become more attractive to women? The answer is simple, it is to be caring about yourself.

This is the greatest lesson about seducing women and dating them, it is to be happy with yourself and to be really caring about yourself in the first place.

I'm going to make this post a little short for you, this is because it is going to have the essence of dating and being great with women, I'm going to give you my best advices.

To become more attractive to women, you have first to become attractive to yourself.

If you don't understand this message, then please keep on reading.

I've long said this to guys and the only answer I got from them was ignoring me are thinking that I was really messed up for saying something like this, however this is the truth about meeting and attracting women, if you don't think of yourself as a great guy and as an attractive guy, they are going to think of you as not an attractive guy and as not interesting to them.

So, how do you become more attractive to women? The answer is in raising your self-esteem and raising yourself acceptance.

Let's say that you have learned a little bit about attracting women and that you know some few pickup lines and some few techniques, then you face a woman for more than four dates or five dates!

Can you make a woman happy and laugh genuinely? These are the best ways to know whether you have great game or not.

The best way to grow more attractive to women is to start raising your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem is the way you think about yourself and it is the way you view yourself.

If you think of yourself as an idiot or as an incompetent guy, then women are going to view you and see you this way.

Women are really magicians in my opinion, they can transcends your feelings and your actions to know really what you are hiding behind them and to always learn and know your best kept secrets.

The best way I've found to raise my self-esteem is to read about it and to really start forgiving myself.

The best book I found on the subject is called how to raise your self-esteem by Nathaniel Brandon.

I really advise you to get it and to read it from cover to cover , in fact I want you to read it more than five times.

The next way to become more attractive to women is to start accepting who you are.

I've learned one thing in the past, it is that when you are faced with troubles you have first to accept them and then try to change them.

This is the essence of dating women, when they start seeing you as really self-assured and self-confident around them they are going to see you and feel you as a great and attractive guy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Best pheromone to attract women

A Pheromone to attract women?

I know that this is going to sound like science fiction to most people out there, however the reality is that pheromones do exist and that pheromones are going to attract women no matter what other people are going to think about them. Of course

I've heard this before that pheromones are not really useful to attracting women and that pheromones are really a commercial lie!

The truth is that I've tried many pheromones in the past and that most of them are really just scams and that most of them are simply made out of urine!

I know, this will sound horrific to you but this is the truth, when you start packaging urine in nice bottles and telling people that it is pheromones and that it is good for them even if it smells bad , they are going to believe you and they are going to try it for themselves, this is what most pheromones are nowadays.

This is why I'm going to reveal to you the best pheromones to attracting women, you are lucky if you find them in a mall , however I'm not sure that it is possible because most shops don't believe in these pheromones.

The best pheromone to attracting women is called N10Z [INTENSE]

I bought it in the past and I tried it and it is very amazing with women!

I was once sitting in a club by myself minding my drink when all of a sudden a woman came by to me and started talking to me and telling me that she couldn't tell whether she was attracted to me or whether she found my smell very nice, but the reality was that I have put my pheromone on the night before, a friend just bought it and he sprayed some on me, it was really effective and working great.

That pheromone that I've borrowed from a friend, made me look not only attractive to other women but really amazingly seductive to them.

I don't mean that women are going to believe and to be attracted to every guy that would use it, you have first to have some inner game and some self-confidence, this is why I'm going to advise you to watch the following video:

This is the best pheromones to attract women, remember to always associate your pheromone with your outer looks and with your self-confidence.

A great pheromone without self-confidence is really a nasty smell , however if you are really confident enough to go talk to women and to face them with your eye contact, they are going to feel huge attraction for you thanks to the audition of pheromones to your arsenal, it is the best way to attract women in my opinion.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to attract black women

How to attract black women is all about being the greatest man for them.
I have received a question from a reader some few days ago; he wanted to learn about the greatest ways to attracting black women.

I have real troubles finding the answer to this question as I didn't know how to do it, however when I started asking a woman about it she simply looked at me as if I was really a racist guy, and then she said that black women are women to after all!

Here, I'm going to show you what this woman has shown me about attracting black women and dating them.

Here is the thing about black women, they don't want you to seduce them, all women don't want you to seduce them, they want to be seduced by you.

I know, I'm sounding very confusing right now, however this is the essence of dating and attracting women.

By this I mean that women don't want you to put any efforts and troubles trying to seduce them, they want you to be natural, they want you to feel and be great by yourself, not needing them to be an amazing guy.

This is why, to seduce and attract black women, you would have to start looking at your life and start becoming a great guy, here are some few tips for you:
  1. Wear sexy and great looking clothes all the time
  2. Wear nice-looking shoes all the time
  3. Always apply great colognes, you can find more about these in my other posts.
  4. Wear nice jewelry, something that really reflects your personality, for example, I always have a butterfly necklace that I bought from South Africa some years ago, when women would see it, they would always ask me about it and even start a conversation with me to know where I bought it.
  5. Be handsome all the time.
These are the only advises I'm going to give you in order to be a great looking guy.

The next thing you have to learn about attracting black women is to be totally confident to them.

By confident I mean that you should be the man for them.

Each and every woman on this earth wants one thing from her guy, to be the leader, to be her man.

When you are trying to seduce black women, the first thing you have to focus on is becoming and being confident around them.

A confident guy is always going to listen to his woman, a confident guy is always going to make her laugh, a confident guy is always going to make her happy to be with him, a confident guy will never let his woman bring him down, a confident guy is always cheering himself and is always relying on himself.

When trying to seduce black women, never ever be relying on them to make you happy, for example I know a guy who was once dating a great woman, she once told him that he was really boring in a mean way, he looked at her and then took his jacket and went away!

He made her regret saying this for a very long time.

Attracting black women is all about being a great confident guy, this is the best way.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting women to want you

How do you get women to want you?

This is a fantastic question to ask, because finding the answer to this question is not only going to make you more attractive to women, but it is also going to make you very attractive to yourself and very appealing to other people as well.

I've already demonstrated that a guy who is taking good care of himself is going to make women attracted to him, but how does such a guy make women really want him and really attracted to him naturally? In other words can women come to a guy and start a conversation with him without his intervention?

The answer is yes, women are going to come to you and start a conversation with you when you are really attractive and when you are really appealing to them.

So, how to get women to want you? The answer is to simply look appealing and yummy to them.

Here are the greatest ways to getting women to want you:
  • The first way is to smell like chocolate.
I know that this is going to sound stupid and crazy to most of you, but the reality is that women are really attracted to food smells and tastes.

Just look at the things women love, chocolates, caramel, etc., these are some of the most attractive things to women.

Gets chocolaty smell and apply it on yourself, you are going to feel and see that women are going to be more than attracted to you, they will try to start a conversation with you every time you are near them.
  • The second way to getting women to want you is to have something special about you.
By something special, I mean something that is intriguing to women and something that women are going to come to you and ask you about.

Women are going to be attracted to you, however women are never going to come to you and start a conversation about your looks or about how attractive you are, women want you to put something special about you that is going to make them come to you and start a conversation about it to tell you that you are attractive.

The best thing I found so far that achieve this is to have a gold necklace with something special on it.

This is one of the best ways I've found to make women come and start a conversation with me, whenever I go out I would always put my special necklace around my hand, and women are going to come from nowhere and start a conversation with me about it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Using pheromones to attract women

Is using pheromones to attract women really effective? The answer is yes, using pheromones to attract women will not only make you attractive to them but it will also make you look terribly appealing and terribly magnetic to women.

From my experiences with dating women and with attracting them, I've learned that women pay close attention to the way you smell.

This is why you are going to notice that to most guys , whenever they are going out to meeting women, are going to put on some clothes and some fancy smells and perfumes, this is a good thing, however this is not the greatest things to attract women, it is because women are not attracted to any nice colognes or nice smells, women are attracted to real colognes that comes from real man.

Real colognes simply mean those natural smells that are programmed in you genetically.

Pheromones are the best ways to attracting women.

In the past, I used to doubt pheromones to be the real deal, it is because I couldn't believe that using this stinky liquid can make me smell irresistible and be attractive to women!

However, after trying pheromones that a friend has bought, I could tell you now that pheromones are one of the best arsenals to use to attract women.

What are then the best brands of pheromones to attracting women?

The first brand I would really recommend to you is: N10Z

I've tried it many times and it always got me some nice remarks and some nice comments from women.

Women notice it almost instantly all the time.

The first advice I'm going to give you about applying N10Z is that you should always put it on your skin, this is the best advice I've learned about pheromones and using them to attracting women, it never put them on your clothes.

Pheromones are meant to be natural, pheromones are meant to be produced by your skin, and pheromones are meant to be produced by your body.

This is why it is really great if you can put pheromones after you are done showering.

The best areas to put pheromones on is your chest, the place where you have hair on your chest is the natural place of production of pheromones.

The second band I can recommend is: Dr. Amend's Pheromone Advantage

It is a good brand compared to the first one however it not as effective as the first one.

The same advices are going to be applied to this brand too.

These are the best ways to using pheromones to attract women, however don't ever put pheromones on your clothes, they are going to smell fake to women.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Top cars that attract women

Here is the thing I thought when I was a young person: women are not attracted to cars they are attracted to the way you drive them.

This is not true at all, women are attracted to cars, and that cars attract women no matter what they are going to tell you!

I'm going to show you the best cars to attract women and what are the most attractive things about these cars.

Women are not really attracted to cars as much as they are attracted to their drivers; however before seeing the driver, women are going to feel something strange about the person who is driving a big strong car.

Women are really attracted to car drivers, however before they can be attracted to car drivers, they are going to be attracted to the car itself.

Here are the best cars to attract women:

The first one is any classy car.

I'm sure that you have now in mind the Mercedes-Benz or a Bentley, these are some great cars to attract women.

Any car which is classy and has been designed with care is going to be very attractive to women.

Being classy isn't the only thing, the car has to also be expensive and rare, women are attracted uniqueness in everything.

The next cars that are going to be attractive to women are muscle cars.

Now, I'm sure that you are thinking about the great American cars, they are very attractive to women because they would show strength, passion, and they are also going to show style at the same time.

These types of cars are not only attractive to women but they are also projecting confidence about the guy driving them, because it takes some nerves to drive something as classy as a muscle car.

The third type of cars that is very attractive to women is sports cars.

These are the Porsche and Ferrari types, they are very attractive to women not because they are very fast or that they are very classy, they are attractive to women because they are unique and each car is going to take a lot of work and a lot of patience to get it.

The major thing about attracting women with cars is to think from the women's perspectives; they want a guy to be rich and to be self-confident.

These are the best cars that attract women, if you have the means of getting one of them, then it can really be something great to make women attracted to you very quickly.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Which perfume attracts women?

The best perfume to attract women is not the perfume you are going to get by yourself or the one you are going to try the first time, the best perfume to attract women is the one I'm going to recommend to you in this little post.

I've spent more than five years learning about women and attracting them, and from this experience I have learned one thing, a lesson, about attraction and about women: it is the fact that women are attracted to your appearances more than they are attracted to your personality in the first moments of meeting you.

Whenever a woman meets a man, she is first going to notice him and learn about him, she is first going to scan him with her eyes and try to find out about him and his looks.

This is one of the best things to learn about women and one of the best things to keep always in mind when trying to seduce women.

The best perfume to attract women is this one: Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men

I've tried it over and over and it is one of the best perfumes, I always get lots of nice compliments from women.

Whenever a perfume gets you nice compliments from women and positive ones, it a keeper.

This is the case of this perfume, whenever a woman smells it on me, she would really like it and compliments me on my looks.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I can’t attract women!! Help!

So, you can't attract women! Really? This is a bad thing to say about yourself because every guy in this universe is able to attract women, this is something to never doubt about yourself.

Whether you are overweight, obese, blind, crippled, or very ugly, there is a woman outside who is dying to meet you, and who is really going to give her right eye to meet you and to be with you.

So, you still can't meet women? I'm going to convince you that you can.

Here is why you can't really attract any woman you want: it is because you are not the man.

Many guys are going to feel that they are not enough and are going to feel that they can't attract women and that they are incompetent. They are going to see themselves as ugly or as really not that attractive for women.

For example, I once asked a guy: what is attractive in you to a woman?

He simply kept looking at me without finding an answer, this is the truth about guys and this is what is making every single guy doubts himself and feel that he is not attractive to women.

The best advice I can give you on this subject is to start raising your self-esteem, your self-esteem is the way you view yourself and it is the way you see yourself and how you feel and judge yourself, for example a high self-esteem person is going to feel himself as very capable and that he is enough to himself and to other people.

However, a low self-esteem person is always going to see himself as lacking something and as not great and not enough for himself and for others.

You have to understand that women are not really attracted to your physique; they are attracted to your self-esteem and to your confidence. This is the best thing I'm going to say to you about attracting women, when you are confident enough and having high self-esteem, women are going to feel attracted to you no matter how you look or how do you appear to them.
  • The second thing I'm going to reveal to you about attracting women is that you will need to feel good about yourself first to make them feel good about you.
Women are going to feel great about you when you first feel great about yourself, and to make you feel great about yourself you have to start wearing nice things and taking good care of yourself.

This is the best way to attract women, look first attractive to yourself.

Start wearing some great clothes, start shopping for great clothes and great outfits all the time, start taking good care of your hygiene, go fix your teeth if you have some wacky teeth, buy some nice shoes, put on some great colognes all the time etc. when you start putting efforts into yourself and caring about yourself, women are going to start caring about you.

Friday, October 19, 2012

When to tell the truth to a woman and why

Most of the times, when you are speaking to women, you don’t want to tell them the truth because it’s going to sound boring and totally useless; this is something we all know and understand.

However, most will never apply this and will relay on the approach of giving women their hearts and all their secrets, they are going to sound so truthful and they are going to give them the whole and true story about themselves from the first moment of meeting them.

This is not the way to talk to women and you need to understand that telling the truth when the woman is interested in you isn’t the best strategy to attract her.

Now, let’s not forget that truth telling is an obligation in some cases when you are dealing with women and if you avoid it, you are going to pay dearly for it.

The first of these situations is when the woman is accusing you of cheating on her.

Once in a while, if you are doing a great job with a woman, she is going to start feeling very jealous about you and she is going to start following your every move and even making your life hell if she suspects some crooked moves from you.

This is totally normal because we are dealing with women and it’s in their nature, however, sometimes, the woman is going to confront you about a cheating situation and she is going to accuse you directly.

He is the thing: if you start teasing her and being playful, she will understand it as this: he cheated on me and now he’s trying to cover it!

This is a bad move to do because it will lead you to direct fire from her.

The best thing you can do is to simply look her right in the eyes, take her by the hand, and then tell her the whole truth and that you didn’t cheat on her.

Don’t try to reassure her or make her understand that you love her, just tell her the truth and the whole situation, it’s much better.

The second situation when to tell a woman the whole truth is when you don’t see her much and you like her.

A lot of the times, when you are too busy with work and responsibilities, you are going to neglect your woman a little and you are going to spend more times at work than with her!

This is not good at all because women are going to think differently about this and they are going to say to themselves that you are playing games with them.

This is a good situation where it’s easier and much more effective to tell her the truth and to give her a reason for acting this way.

She may not like it, but at least she will have a clear mind about the things you are doing and why you are doing it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where to meet the most beautiful women

Beautiful women aren’t very rare as most of you may think, they are everywhere you go, you just need to open your eyes and to make a little effort to see them and most importantly, meet them.

However, to most guys, they are a rare thing, they can’t be seen and they are going to be very difficult to approach.

This is not the truth, beautiful women are nice creatures that can be easily approached, you need to have one thing: a good strategy to approach them.

That’s all you are ever going to need.

But before you go and talk to a beautiful women, you need first to know where to meet them.

This is the aim of this article, to show you the best places to meet such women and when it’s the best time to approach them.

The first amazing place to meet beautiful women is a beauty salon.

It’s very rare that you see a man in a beautify salon, however, it’s very common to find only beautiful women in such places.

The beautiful thing about this place is that when you are going to go there, you will not pass unnoticed; women are going to start asking themselves about this man who dares enter their temple.

When you go there, try not to do something gay like tanning your hair or doing your eye brows!

You need to do a manly activity.

For example, taking good care of your finger nails and your toe nails!

Sometimes, they can turn very sore and painful with men’s negligence.

Women are going to notice what you are doing and they are going to find it very manly and a good sign that you take good care of yourself.

Try to spark the conversation with one of the hostess and she will tell you everything you need to know about the women there, remember, it’s her job to entertain you.

The second place to meet beautiful women is in dance lessons.

If you love hip hope or flamenco, salsa . . . why then not go subscribe to some dance lessons, you can’t imagine how women are going to like it when they find out that you dance well.

A man who dances well means a lot of things to women, but the most important ones are that his body is in good shape and that he is very sensual and sexual.

It’s very cheap nowadays to find great dance courses and you can take huge benefits from it.

The best thing about such lesson is that they can be filled with amazing women, sometimes you are going to find yourself alone with a dozen of beautify women.

You can hold their hands and tease them, have a lot of fun and then ask them out.

The third next place to meet beautiful women is through the internet.

Just write down a good introduction and profile about yourself and you are definitely going to find that a lot of women are going to be very fascinated by it.

It’s easy and it works.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

survive a rejection in a club

A girl rejecting a guy in a public place is a pretty normal and casual thing, however, a girl rejecting a guy in a club can seem like the end of the evening’s fun and the guy’s reputation in that specific club!

It’s frightening but it’s true, when a girl rejects you in a crowded or even worse, an empty club, it will be extremely difficult to get lucky around other girls for the rest of the night and it will be terribly shameful for the guys who are with you!

This is the reason why you have to avoid getting rejected at clubs and most importantly, you have to know how to handle such rejection extremely well, because once you know how to handle them, you are going to find that you will have amazing success with women and most girls in the club will be looking forward to meeting you and getting approached by you.

You will become attractive and charming, without ever saying a word.

The right attitude to approaching girls in clubs!
  • The first thing you need to think about when wanting to approach a girl in a club is to look at the best opportunity.
There is not more absurd than going to approach a girl who is already in a bad situation or already busy and getting rejected by her and then trying to look cool.

You are simply going to make things bad for yourself.

You need to first select the greatest and most easy target for you to approach, you need to be very clever about the best girl to approach and whether it’s going to be risky for you or not!

It’s important.

For example, if you see that a girl is busy with another guy and then when he goes to the toilet, don’t run to her and try to approach her, you are going to make problems for yourself.

The best thing is to select the best target for you.
  • The second thing you need to apply is to always look for the best ways to approach a girl.
In other words, don’t look for the most complicated things to do.

I know a guy who would simply look at a girl seriously and then he would smile, then he would look at her again and he would frown his face.

This is a great technique to approach a girl in a club and it works great.

Always look for things you can do that are very economical and that will lead the girl to having no problems with you approaching her.

Let us talk for the moment about the best ways to survive a rejection in a club.

It’s to simply look at her and then smile and tell her this: “oops! For a moment I thought you were a great catch! Sorry! Good luck!”

And you go away!

This is what would happen: the girl is going to feel bad and all the girls in the club are going to notice what you did and they are going to feel that you are such a strong guy.

This is a great thing for your reputation and it’s going to get you a lot of luck with the girls.

What to do then when she rejects you?
  • The third way to survive being rejected in a club is to smile and joke about it.
A lot of women will not reject you because you look bad or smell bad, they will do it because they want to test you and see what you are really made of.

In other words, they don’t want to lose their time with you.

One of the worst things guys can do when they are rejected is to go away with their tail between their legs, like a defeated animal.

The best thing you can do when she rejects you is to smile at her and simply joke about her decision and that she did it because she finds you too sexy and too attractive and that she can’t handle such a great guy as you.

Play with it and joke about it, it will show that you are confident and that you have great self-esteem.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to treat women who disrespects you

In other words, how to behave with a woman who showed you lack of respect.

I know that I’m going to sound very mean in this post and I’m going to get some voices raised that I’m an insolent guy and I should avoid writing about things that would hurt women, but the truth is that I’ve had enough of women treating us guys like dirt and escape it just because they are women and they should be treated with respect even if they’re disrespecting us men.

If you are one of these guys who thinks that you need to give unconditional obedience to a woman no matter what she will do to you, then please stop reading this post and go to hell!

If you are a guy who thinks that you need to stand for your rights and for your self and that your integrity and self esteem are more important than anything else, then let me congratulate you and thank you, you can keep reading.

I’ve long noticed that women considered themselves an endangered species or something totally sacred, but after dating a lot of them, I can tell you for sure that they’d sell all their belongings, burn their houses and follow the man they love to end of the world, there is just one condition: he has to have self respect and high self esteem, these are the only things women will look for all the time in men, in other words, a man must first respect himself and his desires before a woman would respect him.

Here are some ways I’ve used over and over to deal with disrespecting women, use them too, they may sound mean, but this cruelty is going to act as a trigger for the woman to wake up and to start treating you with the respect you deserve.

Of course, you need to not be disrespectful to a woman and you need to show her the greatest consideration if she is good to you, don’t disrespect her first and then use these on her! It’s just mean.

The first way to stop a woman from disrespecting her is to look at her eyes for a long time.

I love this trick because it’s harmless and it can turn into instant attraction from the woman.

The reason this trick may turn into instant attraction is because many women are going to use disrespecting as a way to test men!

If they act nervous or submissive, they’d have failed the test, if they stand their grounds and act strong, they would have succeeded.

When she says something disrespecting to you, just look her in the eyes without looking away, it’s the best way to tell that you are a strong man.

The second way to show a woman that you are not to be played with is to leave.

This is the meanest thing you can do to a woman!

Women hate it when guys leave them; it is going to send a strong message to them that they have wronged and that they need to consider themselves for what they did.

You need to be able to leave when she starts firing you, do this and you are going to feel strong again.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What a woman can teach you about women

I’ve watched many men interact with women, I’ve read many books on the subject of dating and romance, however, the one thing that was always lacking from these two satiations is having a feminine side to the interaction and the knowledge.

I explain, when a man is interacting with a woman, he will do one thing, try to seduce her by using his man’s brain and by trying to convince her to like him, and when a man will read a book on relationships and romance, he is going to find that all the ideas are related to the fact that he should be strong and dominant.

These two things are good, but why are still some guys struggling with women even after reading a lot of books and interacting with many women?

It’s because these guys don’t have a feminine perspective on what to do and how to act around women.

I’m going to give you this feminine perspective and I’ll show you as a woman what would please me the most to see a guy do and how he can convince me to like him.

The first important thing to make a woman like you is to be charming.

Unfortunately, not many books are going to deal with this trait in men and not many men know about this trait, they just think that being charming in being nice to a woman!

Well, this is not true, being charming is far from being nice, something it can be the total opposite.

The first way you can show that you are charming to a woman is by making her laugh at something totally outrageous!

For example, one evening, I was with my friends at a hotel lobby having some nice drinks and foods when a man came and started talking to us all, he then accused us of being some highly respect CEOs of different companies that are going to control the world when we are angry!

It’s a stupid idea and it will never happen, who knows, but it made us laugh a lot and we all thought that this guy was the most interesting and charming person ever.

You need to look at the situation and make the woman laugh at it from a totally different angle; it’s the best way to charm a woman.

The second way to make women like you is to behave as a beast.

You will never read this in your dating advices books, but it’s the truth about how women like their men to act with them.

I’ve seen many times with my female friends that when their boyfriends are going to call them and act very nice to them, they are going to feel repelled by them and not liking them at all, however, when a boyfriend would call his girlfriend and be totally domineering, she is going to respond by being very nice and very sensual to him.

Be strong with women, they love it when you take them by the hand and drive them, they want you to act as a beast, not as a pussy cat.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Master the silent language to make women easily attracted

Did you know that there was a silent language to seducing women and to making them attracted to you more?

This silent language is called body language.

Indeed, it’s a very special language that most of you have probably heard of, but the great problem is that there isn’t a great guide out there on making the best use of it when it comes to women, most guides will talk about business and maybe relationships or selling, but when it comes to dating, I’ve rarely found a good guide on it.

I’ll try to give you the most important point to focus on and to apply when you are trying to date a woman and what you need to really not mess with your body.

The first thing to focus on is the way you stand.

Women love tall guys, there is no denying of this one, but do you know why?

It’s because tall guy are a symbol of security and comfort to them, they look dominate and very secure to women.

That’s the whole difference from a short guy.

No matter how confident and self-assured the short guy is, he will never be as attractive as a tall guy!

But wait a sec here!!!

Doesn’t this mean that short guys will have no chances with women?

It’s not the case, short guys will do great with women is they apply this silent language technique: stand tall

That’s it, or in other words: stand straight!

When you stand straight, you will naturally look tall and attractive to women, even if you take a very short guy, he’ll be a hundred times more attractive than short guys.

Just try it if you are short.

The second silent language technique is to act slowly.

I’ve learned this technique from a dear friend of mine who would describe to me how unsecure guys would move:

In his words, he’d say: “they move like robots, they talk like robots and they laugh like idiots”!

Don’t be like this, instead, just talk and act slowly and indifferently.

You should know that whenever a woman is talking to a guy and he’s acting rapidly and excessively, she will doubt that he’s got no self esteem and that he’s a waste of time.

Prove to her the reverse by acting slowly and assertively.

The third way to master the art of silent language is to never laugh.

You’ve read correct: never laugh!

Just talk to them and “try” to never laugh, instead, you have to appear as angry.

Don’t mock this advice; it can save you a lot of troubles with women.

Just act like you are angry with the world, and be fun with her, just don’t laugh at things you tell her.

These ways are proven to work and will make most women interested and highly attracted to you.

I didn’t want to load you with lots of techniques; just the bare necessary and you shall do great.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What can an old man teach you about women?

I’ve once met an old man in a park, I was with my girlfriend and he was sitting next to me, when she left, he smiled at me and asked me if he could give me some advices on women, I said sure and his advices were the most interesting ones I’ve ever had on women, I’ll share them with you in this post, I hope you’d use them and apply them with women often.

The first advice the old man gave me about women is that a woman would sell the world to be with an exciting guy.

At first, I didn’t know what he was talking about; I thought that this meant that if a man is funny or amusing, then a woman would stay with him no matter what’s happening!

This is not the idea the old man explained to me!

He meant that when you excite a woman emotionally and you fill a void inside her heart, and then you will become the only man for her in the entire universe, she will never think of other guys or even of leaving you no matter what you do.

I asked my old friend to elaborate on this and to give me some hints, some ideas I could use with my girlfriend, and this is what he replayed:

You need to treat her with respect why still valuing yourself more than her, you need to see in your self that you are a good man, a man who deserves good thing to happen in his life a man who is not desperate, she needs to understand that you can leave her at a heart beat if she did wrong and you can find thousands of women waiting for you.

This will sound complicated to you, but in reality, it’s very easy to apply.

You need to love yourself more than anything in this world and when she starts treating you with disrespect, you need to leave the situation and only come back when she knows how dear you are to her and how valuable you are to her.

The second advice my old friend gave me about women is to always put my self first.

In other words, I should never consider what she is telling me to do or what she likes me to go and behave.

I n his words: “you are the man and you are your own judge, you don’t need a woman to validate you and to stamp on your visa to go to places, see the world and do thing you love doing”.

I’ve found that his explanation was amazingly clear and it showed me that a woman is really looking for a man who is independent and having his life together, not a whiny man who is looking for a protector, a woman is looking for a true man who can fascinate her and excite her, she is not looking for a man who will seek validation from her.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thee shortcuts to making a woman laugh

Are you interested in making a woman laugh?

Sorry, but you won’t be able to unless you apply these shortcuts.

Making a woman laugh isn’t about saying stupid jokes to her or making the clown while she is with you, it’s simply knowing great shortcuts to making her feel that you are funny without making yourself look ridiculous or stupid.

It’s very important that you know exactly what you are doing with a woman, especial when you are trying to make her like you, because you will be walking on fragile ground and every sudden move is going to hurt your chances with her.

That’s the reason you need to apply these shortcuts when with a woman, they are going to work amazingly well at getting her to like you and to laugh with you.

The first shortcut to making a woman laugh is to imitate her.

This is going to look and sound so childish but it’s very effective at drawing a smile from a woman and very quickly.

You don’t need to go extreme here, don’t look for different and really flashy situations to do this trick, just do it when you start talking to her when you are on a date with her.

Here is what I’d usually do: I’d imitate an echo when she speaks and then I’d smile arrogantly at her and comfort her that I won’t do it again, and yes, I’d do it again and that’s when she is going to start laughing.

It’s easy and it’s very fun to do, you only need to avoid falling into this problem with her: don’t use it a lot with women.

It’s going to turn into a boring and very predictable thing, that’s why you have to avoid doing it more than one time when you meet her.

The second shortcut to making a woman laugh is to interrupt her on purpose many times.

Women love to talk and love to share what they have got on their hearts.

When she is talking to you, encourage her to speak and then start interrupting her.

Only when you interrupt her, try to involve a very stupid and different subject.

For example, a woman was talking to me about her coworker going on a date with a very boring guy.

She was talking passionately and then I said this: “do you think I can still order pizza at this hour?”, she kept looking at me and then she answered with yes, I invited her to go on and keep talking, she did, and yes, again, I interrupted her only to ask her if she was watching Ninja Turtles before coming to meet me. ..

She turned red with anger and then I made myself as if I was getting ready to run away from her because she was about to hit me.

It’s all about teasing her.

The third shortcut to making a woman laugh is to ask her to remember a funny situation.

This is a great way because you won’t be doing anything, you just ask her to tell you about something very funny she did or that has happened to her.

When she starts talking, simply encourage her to speak more about it and she will start remembering and laughing about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How does a guy fall into the friend zone and what he can do about it

“Let’s be just friends!”

I know that this is a terrible thing to hear for a guy and it can even sound more terrible than failing an exam or losing a job, at least this is how thousands of guys feel about it.

You need to understand that girls won’t say it randomly to guys; they won’t just say that they want to be friends with a guy they like and truly appreciate.

When girls say this, what they really mean is that they not feeling comfortable about a guy and that they are not feeling that he is man enough to keep being with him.

This is the mystery behind the let’s be friends, expression.

If you’ve heard it before from a woman, it meant that you were to effeminized to her and she had enough of you.

Unfortunately, you can’t escape the friend zone when she has categorized you in it, your only choice is to know what you did wrong and to avoid the things that caused you to fall in it.

Here is what can make a guy fall into the friend zone:

The first reason why a guy is going to fall into the friend zone is because he is going to be too needy of a girl.

Being needy is the first reason why women are going to leave most men;

It simply means that a man is not man enough to face life and its struggles and he needs the woman to be with him and to stand next to him to survive life.

For a woman, this is a terrible thing because she wants the man to face life for her and to be strong when she is around him.

Here are some instances when a guy is truly needy of a woman:

When a guy starts complimenting a woman too much

When a guy start talking too much with a woman

When a guy calls a woman a lot and is all the time looking for opportunities to be with her

When you can’t spend a day without calling or texting her

. . .

These are only some sorts of being needy to a woman; of course, there are other sorts as well.

You can’t with women if you keep on acting these ways at all.

The second reason why women are going to categorize a man in the friend zone is because he is too nice.

Too nice simply means that you don’t have a strong self esteem around a woman.

For example, most women are going to test men and use them as a shoulder to cry on!

This is terrible and it’s going to get them into the friend zone quickly.

The best way I to simply do this: when a woman starts talking to you about her problems and chick issues, simply look her right in the eyes, take her phone and also her to call her girlfriend and talk to her about it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five reasons why women dump men

Do you know why your last girlfriend dumped you?

Think again, even if you are sure of the reason why she did, I’m sure that you are wrong and that the major reason for dumping you is hidden and very unknown to you and this is exactly why you are going to fail with women every time, you just don’t know how to deal with them and you don’t know how to attract them.

I’m going to share with you the major reasons why women would dump men and what you can do about it to avoid them and to know exactly what to do t stay in the clear zone with women.

The first reason why women dump men is because they are too needy.

Neediness is the first and most major reason why women are going to say goodbye to men and never talk to them again.

Being needy simply means thinking of a woman as the most important thing in your life and that you need to total focus on her and ignore yourself, in other words, you are going to think of yourself as her servant and as her being your master.

This is going to sound not like you, but here are some cases where you can be very needy towards a woman:

You complimenting her all the time

You accepting second class behaviors from her

You treating yourself with disrespect when she is around to please her

You tell her lies to keep her interested in you or with you

You asking her for her opinions about you

. . .

Are you doing some of these?

If yes, then you are at great danger and you need to avoid being needy to a woman.

The second major reason why a woman would dump you is because of not cheating on her!

Relax, I don’t mean that you need to go cheat with every woman you meet or any woman at all to make a woman not dump you.

What I meant is simply ignoring your true nature with women and ignoring your male instincts.

I know some guys who didn’t kiss their girlfriends until months after starting dating them!!!

This is what I mean by ignoring your true instincts.

It’s thinking that sex is bad and that you are going to screw everything with her if you ever dared approach her sexually or kissed her!

This is not the case with women, they love sex and they enjoy it a lot, they are going to wait passionately for the big moment to happen between you too and when it doesn’t, they are going to hate you and think of you as not the best man for them, thus you must be dumped and quickly.

The third reason why women are going to dump men is because they are not decisive.

Women hate to make decisions and thy need you to play that role in their lives.

They don’t want you to be their followers; they want you to walk ahead and them following you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using psychology to attract women

Is using psychology to attract women helpful? The answer is yes and no, understanding women is a serious subject and needs a lesson on psychology, however most psychologists have problems with women and can't figure them out!

Try to watch the following video to know more:

Even the father of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud, once said that the biggest mystery to him was women!

'What does a woman want?'

I'm no Sigmund Freud, however I know that women are mysterious and that to attract them you have to not know their psychology, but first, you need to know yours!

It's very important that you know how to deal with yourself and how to make yourself attractive to women, this is what I mean by using psychology to attract women, it's not using their psychology and studying women to attract them, it's making yourself amazingly attractive to women, it's making your psychological side very attractive.

So, how do you make your psychology attractive to women? It's simple, you start by becoming confident.

Confidence is the essence of the attractive psychology in men, when you start becoming confident around women they are going to open themselves like flowers to you , they are going to feel connected to you.

Here is a psychology that attracts women: they want a caveman!

I'm sure that you have already seen some footage of a caveman dragging his woman by her hair into his cave!

This is not exactly what I'm talking about, what I'm talking about here is being like that caveman but in a more respectful way to women.

Women love men who are determined, women love men who know that they like a woman and who will go to her and ravish her.

Ravish here means attract a woman and seduced her and direct and sincere manner.

This is what women want from men: they want a strong man, they want a determined man, they want a man who is going to look them in the eyes, tell them that he likes them, take them by the hand and take them where he wants.

A woman, when she is with a man, to be attracted to him, needs to be relaxed; she needs to feel that you are in charge , that you are taking care of her.

This is what I mean by using psychology to attract women, it's being the best man for a woman.

To understand more about the subject, please watch the following video:

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to attract women with words

Yes, there are certain words that will attract women more than other words.

This is the aim of this post, to show you how to attract women with words, and make you understand that women are not going to think about attraction like us men do, the aim of this post is to make you understand that women are sensitive to words and that women are going to get attracted and be attracted to you whenever you use these words with them.

The best words to use to attract women are called confidence words.

I'm sure that by the word confidence you already know what that this post is going to be about self-confidence. This post is going to be about words that demonstrate confidence to women and words that say to women that you are the best man, that you are a catch for them.

So how to attract women with words? It's simple, try to implement and use the following words in your discussions and conversations with women whenever possible:

The first word to always use to attract women is: I am fearless.

Of course I don't mean these same words to be used every time with women, no, what I mean is to use variants of these words whenever you are talking to women.

Women are naturally very attracted to the most powerful and strongest men, when you start demonstrating in your language that you are confident and that you are not afraid of anything, women are going to feel biologically interested and attracted to you.

That's why you have to always implement this fearless notion into your language and that you need to always think of the best ways to demonstrate that you are not afraid of anything for the sake of the woman you are with.

Of course, I don't mean by this term even when yourself in a dangerous situation, what I mean is to simply look into real situations where you can be fearless and show to the woman fearless emotions and gestures.

For example, I remember one day I was walking with my girlfriend, when we so a huge guy walking to us, I knew that he was harmless, but my girlfriend was scared as hell!

I simply kept talking and smiling at her, she was in love with me for the rest of her life :-)!

Women are attracted to confident guys, be a confident guy and you will see her not only attracted but in love with you.

You have to start implementing fearless vocabulary into your conversations with women.

The second thing about how to attract women with words is to use conscious words.

Women are interested in guys who know that they exist, who know that they have a road and a code by which they lead their lives.

I'm sure that you are thinking that this post has gone a little crazy, however women are really interested in conscious words all the time.

For example, whenever you are talking with a woman try to implement these words: I feel, I will do, it's not my goal, my goal is, I would like to be etc.

Whenever you are talking with women and using those words, they will know that you are confident about yourself and where you are going.

I'm not sure if you know whether these are attractive to women or not, but I'm going to tell you one thing: women are not only attracted to a man who uses these words, but they are also attracted to men who are going somewhere in their lives, they are attracted to men who know what they want in life and who are making efforts to get it.

Watch the following video:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Attraction to older women?

Do you feel attraction to older women?

Great, I've got what you need in this post. In this short article, you are going to learn about how to attract older women, and why you have attraction to older women?

Your attraction to older women is not a problem, your attraction to older women is not an issue, and your attraction to older women is not a difficult thing.

In fact, attraction to older women is very natural and very rewarding.

In my life, I have dated a lot of older women, to most people this is going to be seen like a psychological problem I may be suffering from, but I assure you, I am a very normal person and I feel great about myself all the time.

My attraction to older women didn't come from a need of motherly affection or from serious problem with my brain, no, it came from my desire to have fun and to enjoy myself with knowledgeable, mature women.

The best thing I've done to attract older women is being easy-going.

I know that most guys, when thinking about attraction to older women, are going to say to themselves that they should dress in a very flashy ways or use some techniques or some tricks to attract these older women.

But the reality is that older women are not attracted to flagrant humor or your car or the way you dress! No, older women are only attracted to the way you deal with them and the way you make them feel.

This means one thing: when you start behaving in a very easy-going way, this means that you don't give a F*** about what you are doing with a woman or what you should be behaving like with her, she will feel attraction for you and she will feel that you are a very fun person to be with.

The next technique I would like to show you in order to attract older women is to start becoming fun to them.

By fun, I don't mean telling them jokes or showing them your funny side. Being fun means one thing: you are the leader, you show them fun places and fun activities to do, you will make them laugh, and you tease them.

These are the most attractive things older women are seeking all the time, if you don't provide them with these, they are going to get bored with you, and they are going to leave you.

To know these things I can only recommend one thing: watch the following video:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Attracting women with body language

Can you attract women with body language? The answer is yes, but this language is not only amazing at attracting women, but it's also very effective and very economical way to attracting women.

I'm sure that you've noticed that convincing women to being attracted to you is a very difficult matter, in fact it's very hard to convince a woman by words that you are very attractive and that you can be the best man for her.

However when you start applying these body language techniques I'm going to show you in this post, you will find it very easy to attract women and to become the best man for them.

In fact I've not only attracted many women using these body language techniques, but I've also made them my "slaves"!

By slaves I don't mean anything degrading or humiliating, LOL, what I mean is that women are going to be so attracted to you that they are going to start calling you all the time, they are even going to start telling their friends about you and how great you are, in fact even if you do something wrong to a woman, she will start complaining but the moments you start applying these body language techniques, she will come running back to you.

So, are you interested in attracting women with body language?

I'm sure that you are, here are the best techniques that I use to attract women using body language:

The first one is to smile very little.

I'm sure that the subtitle is a bit confusing, how can someone smile very little?

This means one thing: when you are talking to women and they say something nice or something funny, don't shine a huge smile on your face, those silly smiles you have now in your mind.

Instead, simply shine a little smile, don't show your teeth.

This is not only effective around women, but it's also very effective around your men friends too, it shows dominance and it shows respect for the other person.

With women it shows that you are a strong minded person, you know what you are doing, and that you are very self-confident. All these traits not only attract women but make them very desirable for the man who possesses them.

The second technique to use to attract women with body language is flirting.

By flirting I don't mean saying nice words or smiling back at women, no!

By flirting I simply mean teasing women with your eyes.

As I mentioned in my previous post, eye contact is the king of all body language techniques.

Eye contact is not only great at attracting women, but it's also amazing at making them respecting you.

These are the most useful techniques to attracting women with body language.

To know how to apply these techniques, please watch the following video:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Women aren’t attracted to me!!!

Women aren't attracted to you? Good, I will show you why in this little post.
Believe me when I tell you that this post is going to be very short, I'm going to reveal to you the number one reason why women aren't attracted to you and what you can do about it.

I'm going to be frank! It's okay with you?

I hope you said yes.

Women aren't attracted to you because you are a wussy!

By wussy I mean that you are going to be too nice to women, you are going to be too pleasing to women, you are going to be too sensitive to women, you are going to be too fragile whenever you are with women, you are going to be too un-hurtful to women etc.

These too's are the most damaging for your self-confidence and your attraction to women.

This is the most important reason why women aren't going to be attracted to you, now, you will need one thing: correct this issue with your self-confidence, to this, this watch the following video:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to attract any women

How to attract any women is not a matter of what you should say or what you should wear, it's a matter of what you should do and act.

How to attract any women?

The best way to answer this question is to tell you about the two traits to use all the time to attract women and to make them appreciate you a lot.

I'm going to reveal to you those techniques that no guru or no pickup artist is willing to share with you.

These techniques are not very difficult to use and they are not very complicated nor require a lot of money to implement, these techniques are only going to require one thing from you: a commitment to applying them.

The first technique on how to attract any women is to starts looking them right in the eyes.

No, don't close this post thinking that this is another boring article about eye contact!

No, this post is only about showing you what tricks and techniques to use around women.

The gurus and the dating experts are going to tell you about eye contact and they are going to reveal to you that it's an amazing technique, however they will never show you the right way to do eye contact.

It's not that they don't want you to know about this way, they just don't want you to know that they don't know themselves how to use eye contact to attract women.

The best way to use eye contact to attract women is to simply look them in the eyes and then start looking down their nose and their lips, look at their lips as if you want to kiss them , however the moment you start looking at their lips that way, look back in their eyes and have a little smile.

Women are going to fall in love with this technique; in fact women are going to feel so sexually attracted to you because only the most strong and most powerful man will use this technique with them.

The second way on how to attract any women is to start talking women's language. By women's language I don't mean soap operas and drama.

By women's language I only mean using the right words and the right vocabulary to communicate with women's desires and instincts.

The best technique I've found so far to use to attract women, in fact to attract any women is to start listening to them.

You cannot know how many women are feeling frustrated and are feeling horrible about their lives because no one is giving a damn about what's happening in their lives and what are they suffering from.

When you, as a man, start paying attention to them and start listen to them genuinely, they are going to feel attracted.

However to attract any women you should really do both these techniques, you should never neglect any one of them.

Here are some more amazing techniques:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What are the colors that attract women?

What are the most attractive colors to women? What colors attract women the most?

If you are a self-conscious man, and I'm sure that you are one because you've came to this blog and read this post, I'm sure that you are dying to know about the best colors and the best shades to put on to make women attracted to you.

I'm going to show you the best colors that attract women and how to wear these colors.

The best colors that attract women are not the red or the yellow! They are not those colors that we think of most of the time.

It's true that red and pink attract men the most to women, however women are not attracted by these colors a lot.

I was once shopping for some shirts when I picked a very red shirt, I had a woman next to me shopping for her husband, I went to her and asked her whether this color was good or not?

She looked at me, looked at the shirt and simply said in and indirect way that no woman is going to be attracted to this color at all.

Most women are going to notice the guy wearing a red shirt and they are going to say to themselves: he is a player!

I'm sure that you don't want women to perceive you as a player and that you are going to want women to see you as who you are, as a very attractive and unique man.

That's why you will need to wear the very most attractive colors to women.

The best colors that attract women are: dark Brown, dark blue, black, white, dark green.

These are the only colors that you should be wearing; avoid wearing any colors outside these color range.

Women are going to feel amazingly good about a guy who wears dark colors, it's not because of his tastes, and it's not because these colors are attractive by nature to women.

It's because these colors will mean one thing to women: this guy knows how to dress; this guy takes good care of himself.

This is totally different when it comes to trousers and jeans, never wear dark Brown, white or dark green jeans, absolutely never!

You should just wear these colors on your shirts and on your jackets.

Now that you know the best colors that attract women, the most interesting thing you can do is to start asking women about their opinions on the best suiting colors for you to wear.

To this, start first by watching the following video:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Attract women using humor

How about giving to you a great technique that will not only attract women to you but it would also attract happiness and joy into your life?

Are you interested?

Before I tell you, you will need to watch this video first:

I'm sure that you are, this technique is simply to start using humor in your life and to start becoming joyfully and becoming happy to be around people and to be around women especially.

So, can you attract women using humor? The answer is yes, definitely, women are going to be attracted to you no matter what you say and no matter what you did if you have great humor, women are attracted to humor.

Women are in fact very sociable, they want guys who know how to make them laugh, they want guys to know how to make them have pleasure in their lives.

Women want guys who know how to be leaders even in their humors and even in their way of talking.

In this little post, I'm going to reveal to you some few techniques that will attract women using humor, these techniques are difficult to use, I would not lie to you and tell you that it's going to be simple or that it's going to be an easy trick!

No, I will not lie to you; I will tell you one thing about these techniques: they will require some time and they will require some practice from you.

The first technique is called mimicking.

I'm sure that you've got an idea about the word mimic here, it simply means mimicking the woman's gestures and teasing her about things she is doing in front of you.

I remember one day I was sitting with a woman in a trendy coffee shop, she was very bored and I was very bored too, I was sure that this woman has already made up her mind about me and is now considering me as her "friend" because I was very boring to her and I couldn't make her attracted to me.

So I said to myself: "what the hell, I have nothing to lose!"

So I noticed that she was drinking her coffee in a very strange way, she was seeping it in a very childish manner!

Then, it hits me: why should I put this woman on the pedestal!? Why should I not be myself in front of her?

It was then that I started mimicking her gestures whenever I would drink my coffee!

Soon, she found out that I was doing it on purpose, she told me in a very serious tone to stop it.

I reassured her that I was just joking with her and I won't do it, however the moment she started drinking her coffee again I took my cup I did as she was doing, in fact I did drink my coffee in a very flagrant way and in a very childish way. Six

She was very upset about this, however I started doing it so much that she started laughing and she started hitting me on the arm!

The second trick to attract women using humor is to simply listen to them and then ignore them.

Women love to be ignored, women love it when you are too serious about them but you are also too childish and to funny about what they are doing.

Let's say that the woman with you is talking about her girlfriend, you should start making as if you are listening to her and paying close attention to her, then when it comes your turn to reply back to her, talk about a very a totally different subject as if you weren't listening at all.

For example, the woman with you is talking about her girlfriend, when it's your turn to tell her about something related to the subjects, simply start talking to her about zebras or about donkeys in the wild and how they are strange or how they meet and date their females etc.

Make sure she understands that you are joking with her and that you are teasing her.

So, attracting women using humor works, you just need to apply these two simple techniques and to start training yourself using them.

Watch the following video for more help on the subject: