Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The third stage

The third stage is simple about finding the right woman for you

We are not interested here in dating every woman on this earth, what we are interested in is finding the best one and the most suitable one to date.

It’s very important that you need to focus you attention to such a woman and you need also to start working on the places you need to be looking for.

Women of quality aren’t going to be available everywhere, you have to start looking at the places which first interest you, what’s the type of woman you would like to meet and what are some of the places she may be hanging in.

It’s the best way to meet a woman and become a great catch for her.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Three stages to becoming a catch for every woman

Three stages to becoming a catch for every woman

In order to become a catch for every woman out there, you must pass through these stages.

By following them, you are going to become one of the best men alive.

I’m telling you, it’s true, I’m not kidding you here, and very few men are going to be doing this.

In fact, most guys will just keep wondering why they aren’t great with women and why every other thing in their lives seems to not be working.

You are doing a great thing by searching into this filed and by being helpful to yourself.

The first stage to becoming a great catch for every woman is first to decide the type of women you want to attract.

You just can’t hit a target you can’t see!

I love this quote because it’s so true and accurate.

When you want to make women attracted to you, you have to understand that not all women are going to feel this way, a lot of them are, but a small minority will always ignore you.

It’s just the way things are on this world.

To make things very easy for you, you are going first to take a pen and a paper and write down everything you want the woman of your dream to look like.

Hair, body type, looks, smile, humor, attitude towards life . . .

Then, when you are done, you can pass to the next stage.

You are going to look here for things to change about yourself and things to increase in you.

For example, a few years ago, I noticed that I was less self-confident with women; this was making me seem so unattractive and boring to women.

So, I take toe resolution to get this part of my life handled and to start paying some attention to how I should increase my self-confidence with women.

You need to do the same with yourself, start noticing and seeing areas where you’d like to work on and start working on these areas.

It’s very attractive to women to finally meet a man who is working on getting his life together and who is working on becoming better every single day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The third sign

The third sign is that she will call you stupid name

I love it when my girlfriend calls me stupid.

I’m no stupid guy, I’m very intelligent for my age :) but I just know then that she is feeling good about me and wants to cuddle of something girly with me.

Girls are this way, when they are all feminine and nice to you, they like you, if however they are rigid and behave like a soldier with you, then, you better watch out for they may dump you and very soon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The second sign

The second sign that she does like you is she laughs at everything you say to her

I was watching a video on primates (monkeys) the other day and I saw a great scene.

The dominant male was approached by a weak male; the weak male was all smiling and looking to the ground.

This is the same thing with girls; they want you to be dominant too with them.

If they smile at everything you say and laugh often at what you tell them, you are scoring very high with them.

However, if you talk to them over and over and they just seem to be bored and not interested, then, my friend, you need to beat it and fast!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Signs that she likes you

You are not sure whether she likes you or not!!!? Don’t worry, here are some signs that will show you once and for all whether she likes you or not.

They are very revealing and will give you a clear idea whether a girl is interested in you or not.

If you see none of them in her behavior, then, you are to beat it and move to another girl because this one might not be that interested in you.

However, if you see some of them in her behaviors with you, then congrats and keep on doing what you were doing before, it has attracted her to you.

The first sign a girl likes you is she keeps wanting to be with you

It’s not that difficult to spot after all, if she keeps on talking to you and being wit you, it will mean one thing: she likes being with you, or she wants to steal something from you (kidding :) ).

Girls aren’t that difficult to understand after all, you just need some logic with them.

For example, a friend of mine was dating a girl, she was always keeping away from him, if he didn’t call him, and she would not contact him.

He was still confused about her, so I told him to do a little test, I told him to not call her and see her reaction.

Indeed, he didn’t call her for three days and she takes the phone and starts calling him, it was then that he knew she really likes him a lot.

If you aren’t sure of whether a girl likes you or not, why not try this with her.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Movies to watch, very important

I can write for years about confidence and self-esteem and you may be reading my posts for a very long time, but, in the contrary, i could advice you to watch three movies or four in a given week and you would understand what I’ve meant al the time, since the beginning.

That’s why I’m going to give you title of movies you must watch to become more confident not only with women but with people as well.

Unfortunately, mainstream media is corrupted with cheap and dirty movies, I’ve rarely came across a great movie in which the character was a confident and self-assured person, all the movies I seem to watch are only played by average actors who don’t know what they are doing and are written by writes who have no clues about what makes a man confident.

The first movie I’d like you to watch is Robin Hood, starting Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

It got average ratting, but in my opinion, a master piece.

Crowe is a talented actor who knows how to portray a very confident and leader man.

Watch it as a whole, don’t skip parts of it, you are going to see how he treats his woman and how he challenges even the highest authorities in the country.

The second movie I really loved and which had the most influence on me is The Shipping News

Kevin spacy plays a very shy and coward guy who begins to transform and to behave as a confident man.

By the end of the movie, you can see in his eyes that he’s no longer afraid and that he has what it takes to raise his child and challenge the world for his rights.

The third movie is Training Day

I don’t want you to focus on Denzel Washington, what you need to focus on is the transformation of one man from a na├»ve, childlike person into a very assertive and challenging man by the end of the movie.

It’s very important that you understand what drove him to change, not the crime or the corruption, but to see that he needed to be saved to save and do justice.

And the fourth one is Finding Nederland, Johnny deep and Kate winslet.

This movie is wonderful in every single aspect, but what you need to focus on while watching it is the confidence the little kids have gained by the end of that movie.

I’ll never forget a quote by Johnny deep: “a man is required to make decisions”.

I think it’s the essence of being a man.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The need to be like them

If you go to a kinder garden and you just sit and noticed what the kids are doing, you will notice some strange things: most kids will be very spontaneous and will not think of what would the others think about if they did something.

However, if you come after fifteen years and you observed the same kids, you are going to find that most of them are part of the herd now and that they do like every one else.

What’s the reason for doing this?

Society will punish those that won’t follow the norm!

It’s pretty sad to see that some people are going to think of some new ways of doing things, but the rest of the society are going to punish them and silence them in order to keep things as they are.

I’ll give you a small example:

We all know that eating a lot of red meat is dangerous for the health, the planet and the poor cow!

However, do you see anything changing about this?

No, just go to your local supermarket and you are going to notice that the meat section will become bigger and bigger every single day and that there will be lots and lots of variations of this product added to other products too.

You may say that it’s bad, but there aren’t any other alternatives!

Well, people have been living on beans and legumes for more than a million years and it’s what has made us humans.

There are lots of vegans and vegetarians who want to tell the truth about meat and how it’s destructive to our health, but do you see them on TV or on cnn!!!!?

No way, they are put to silence because they are going to annoy certain other people.

This is what I’m talking about, society doesn’t want you to be confident, and it doesn’t want you to be alive!