Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Using pheromones to attract women

Is using pheromones to attract women really effective? The answer is yes, using pheromones to attract women will not only make you attractive to them but it will also make you look terribly appealing and terribly magnetic to women.

From my experiences with dating women and with attracting them, I've learned that women pay close attention to the way you smell.

This is why you are going to notice that to most guys , whenever they are going out to meeting women, are going to put on some clothes and some fancy smells and perfumes, this is a good thing, however this is not the greatest things to attract women, it is because women are not attracted to any nice colognes or nice smells, women are attracted to real colognes that comes from real man.

Real colognes simply mean those natural smells that are programmed in you genetically.

Pheromones are the best ways to attracting women.

In the past, I used to doubt pheromones to be the real deal, it is because I couldn't believe that using this stinky liquid can make me smell irresistible and be attractive to women!

However, after trying pheromones that a friend has bought, I could tell you now that pheromones are one of the best arsenals to use to attract women.

What are then the best brands of pheromones to attracting women?

The first brand I would really recommend to you is: N10Z

I've tried it many times and it always got me some nice remarks and some nice comments from women.

Women notice it almost instantly all the time.

The first advice I'm going to give you about applying N10Z is that you should always put it on your skin, this is the best advice I've learned about pheromones and using them to attracting women, it never put them on your clothes.

Pheromones are meant to be natural, pheromones are meant to be produced by your skin, and pheromones are meant to be produced by your body.

This is why it is really great if you can put pheromones after you are done showering.

The best areas to put pheromones on is your chest, the place where you have hair on your chest is the natural place of production of pheromones.

The second band I can recommend is: Dr. Amend's Pheromone Advantage

It is a good brand compared to the first one however it not as effective as the first one.

The same advices are going to be applied to this brand too.

These are the best ways to using pheromones to attract women, however don't ever put pheromones on your clothes, they are going to smell fake to women.

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