Saturday, October 6, 2012

Attracting women with body language

Can you attract women with body language? The answer is yes, but this language is not only amazing at attracting women, but it's also very effective and very economical way to attracting women.

I'm sure that you've noticed that convincing women to being attracted to you is a very difficult matter, in fact it's very hard to convince a woman by words that you are very attractive and that you can be the best man for her.

However when you start applying these body language techniques I'm going to show you in this post, you will find it very easy to attract women and to become the best man for them.

In fact I've not only attracted many women using these body language techniques, but I've also made them my "slaves"!

By slaves I don't mean anything degrading or humiliating, LOL, what I mean is that women are going to be so attracted to you that they are going to start calling you all the time, they are even going to start telling their friends about you and how great you are, in fact even if you do something wrong to a woman, she will start complaining but the moments you start applying these body language techniques, she will come running back to you.

So, are you interested in attracting women with body language?

I'm sure that you are, here are the best techniques that I use to attract women using body language:

The first one is to smile very little.

I'm sure that the subtitle is a bit confusing, how can someone smile very little?

This means one thing: when you are talking to women and they say something nice or something funny, don't shine a huge smile on your face, those silly smiles you have now in your mind.

Instead, simply shine a little smile, don't show your teeth.

This is not only effective around women, but it's also very effective around your men friends too, it shows dominance and it shows respect for the other person.

With women it shows that you are a strong minded person, you know what you are doing, and that you are very self-confident. All these traits not only attract women but make them very desirable for the man who possesses them.

The second technique to use to attract women with body language is flirting.

By flirting I don't mean saying nice words or smiling back at women, no!

By flirting I simply mean teasing women with your eyes.

As I mentioned in my previous post, eye contact is the king of all body language techniques.

Eye contact is not only great at attracting women, but it's also amazing at making them respecting you.

These are the most useful techniques to attracting women with body language.

To know how to apply these techniques, please watch the following video:

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