Saturday, October 13, 2012

What can an old man teach you about women?

I’ve once met an old man in a park, I was with my girlfriend and he was sitting next to me, when she left, he smiled at me and asked me if he could give me some advices on women, I said sure and his advices were the most interesting ones I’ve ever had on women, I’ll share them with you in this post, I hope you’d use them and apply them with women often.

The first advice the old man gave me about women is that a woman would sell the world to be with an exciting guy.

At first, I didn’t know what he was talking about; I thought that this meant that if a man is funny or amusing, then a woman would stay with him no matter what’s happening!

This is not the idea the old man explained to me!

He meant that when you excite a woman emotionally and you fill a void inside her heart, and then you will become the only man for her in the entire universe, she will never think of other guys or even of leaving you no matter what you do.

I asked my old friend to elaborate on this and to give me some hints, some ideas I could use with my girlfriend, and this is what he replayed:

You need to treat her with respect why still valuing yourself more than her, you need to see in your self that you are a good man, a man who deserves good thing to happen in his life a man who is not desperate, she needs to understand that you can leave her at a heart beat if she did wrong and you can find thousands of women waiting for you.

This will sound complicated to you, but in reality, it’s very easy to apply.

You need to love yourself more than anything in this world and when she starts treating you with disrespect, you need to leave the situation and only come back when she knows how dear you are to her and how valuable you are to her.

The second advice my old friend gave me about women is to always put my self first.

In other words, I should never consider what she is telling me to do or what she likes me to go and behave.

I n his words: “you are the man and you are your own judge, you don’t need a woman to validate you and to stamp on your visa to go to places, see the world and do thing you love doing”.

I’ve found that his explanation was amazingly clear and it showed me that a woman is really looking for a man who is independent and having his life together, not a whiny man who is looking for a protector, a woman is looking for a true man who can fascinate her and excite her, she is not looking for a man who will seek validation from her.

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