Friday, October 12, 2012

Thee shortcuts to making a woman laugh

Are you interested in making a woman laugh?

Sorry, but you won’t be able to unless you apply these shortcuts.

Making a woman laugh isn’t about saying stupid jokes to her or making the clown while she is with you, it’s simply knowing great shortcuts to making her feel that you are funny without making yourself look ridiculous or stupid.

It’s very important that you know exactly what you are doing with a woman, especial when you are trying to make her like you, because you will be walking on fragile ground and every sudden move is going to hurt your chances with her.

That’s the reason you need to apply these shortcuts when with a woman, they are going to work amazingly well at getting her to like you and to laugh with you.

The first shortcut to making a woman laugh is to imitate her.

This is going to look and sound so childish but it’s very effective at drawing a smile from a woman and very quickly.

You don’t need to go extreme here, don’t look for different and really flashy situations to do this trick, just do it when you start talking to her when you are on a date with her.

Here is what I’d usually do: I’d imitate an echo when she speaks and then I’d smile arrogantly at her and comfort her that I won’t do it again, and yes, I’d do it again and that’s when she is going to start laughing.

It’s easy and it’s very fun to do, you only need to avoid falling into this problem with her: don’t use it a lot with women.

It’s going to turn into a boring and very predictable thing, that’s why you have to avoid doing it more than one time when you meet her.

The second shortcut to making a woman laugh is to interrupt her on purpose many times.

Women love to talk and love to share what they have got on their hearts.

When she is talking to you, encourage her to speak and then start interrupting her.

Only when you interrupt her, try to involve a very stupid and different subject.

For example, a woman was talking to me about her coworker going on a date with a very boring guy.

She was talking passionately and then I said this: “do you think I can still order pizza at this hour?”, she kept looking at me and then she answered with yes, I invited her to go on and keep talking, she did, and yes, again, I interrupted her only to ask her if she was watching Ninja Turtles before coming to meet me. ..

She turned red with anger and then I made myself as if I was getting ready to run away from her because she was about to hit me.

It’s all about teasing her.

The third shortcut to making a woman laugh is to ask her to remember a funny situation.

This is a great way because you won’t be doing anything, you just ask her to tell you about something very funny she did or that has happened to her.

When she starts talking, simply encourage her to speak more about it and she will start remembering and laughing about it.

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