Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Attract women using humor

How about giving to you a great technique that will not only attract women to you but it would also attract happiness and joy into your life?

Are you interested?

Before I tell you, you will need to watch this video first:

I'm sure that you are, this technique is simply to start using humor in your life and to start becoming joyfully and becoming happy to be around people and to be around women especially.

So, can you attract women using humor? The answer is yes, definitely, women are going to be attracted to you no matter what you say and no matter what you did if you have great humor, women are attracted to humor.

Women are in fact very sociable, they want guys who know how to make them laugh, they want guys to know how to make them have pleasure in their lives.

Women want guys who know how to be leaders even in their humors and even in their way of talking.

In this little post, I'm going to reveal to you some few techniques that will attract women using humor, these techniques are difficult to use, I would not lie to you and tell you that it's going to be simple or that it's going to be an easy trick!

No, I will not lie to you; I will tell you one thing about these techniques: they will require some time and they will require some practice from you.

The first technique is called mimicking.

I'm sure that you've got an idea about the word mimic here, it simply means mimicking the woman's gestures and teasing her about things she is doing in front of you.

I remember one day I was sitting with a woman in a trendy coffee shop, she was very bored and I was very bored too, I was sure that this woman has already made up her mind about me and is now considering me as her "friend" because I was very boring to her and I couldn't make her attracted to me.

So I said to myself: "what the hell, I have nothing to lose!"

So I noticed that she was drinking her coffee in a very strange way, she was seeping it in a very childish manner!

Then, it hits me: why should I put this woman on the pedestal!? Why should I not be myself in front of her?

It was then that I started mimicking her gestures whenever I would drink my coffee!

Soon, she found out that I was doing it on purpose, she told me in a very serious tone to stop it.

I reassured her that I was just joking with her and I won't do it, however the moment she started drinking her coffee again I took my cup I did as she was doing, in fact I did drink my coffee in a very flagrant way and in a very childish way. Six

She was very upset about this, however I started doing it so much that she started laughing and she started hitting me on the arm!

The second trick to attract women using humor is to simply listen to them and then ignore them.

Women love to be ignored, women love it when you are too serious about them but you are also too childish and to funny about what they are doing.

Let's say that the woman with you is talking about her girlfriend, you should start making as if you are listening to her and paying close attention to her, then when it comes your turn to reply back to her, talk about a very a totally different subject as if you weren't listening at all.

For example, the woman with you is talking about her girlfriend, when it's your turn to tell her about something related to the subjects, simply start talking to her about zebras or about donkeys in the wild and how they are strange or how they meet and date their females etc.

Make sure she understands that you are joking with her and that you are teasing her.

So, attracting women using humor works, you just need to apply these two simple techniques and to start training yourself using them.

Watch the following video for more help on the subject:

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