Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to treat women who disrespects you

In other words, how to behave with a woman who showed you lack of respect.

I know that I’m going to sound very mean in this post and I’m going to get some voices raised that I’m an insolent guy and I should avoid writing about things that would hurt women, but the truth is that I’ve had enough of women treating us guys like dirt and escape it just because they are women and they should be treated with respect even if they’re disrespecting us men.

If you are one of these guys who thinks that you need to give unconditional obedience to a woman no matter what she will do to you, then please stop reading this post and go to hell!

If you are a guy who thinks that you need to stand for your rights and for your self and that your integrity and self esteem are more important than anything else, then let me congratulate you and thank you, you can keep reading.

I’ve long noticed that women considered themselves an endangered species or something totally sacred, but after dating a lot of them, I can tell you for sure that they’d sell all their belongings, burn their houses and follow the man they love to end of the world, there is just one condition: he has to have self respect and high self esteem, these are the only things women will look for all the time in men, in other words, a man must first respect himself and his desires before a woman would respect him.

Here are some ways I’ve used over and over to deal with disrespecting women, use them too, they may sound mean, but this cruelty is going to act as a trigger for the woman to wake up and to start treating you with the respect you deserve.

Of course, you need to not be disrespectful to a woman and you need to show her the greatest consideration if she is good to you, don’t disrespect her first and then use these on her! It’s just mean.

The first way to stop a woman from disrespecting her is to look at her eyes for a long time.

I love this trick because it’s harmless and it can turn into instant attraction from the woman.

The reason this trick may turn into instant attraction is because many women are going to use disrespecting as a way to test men!

If they act nervous or submissive, they’d have failed the test, if they stand their grounds and act strong, they would have succeeded.

When she says something disrespecting to you, just look her in the eyes without looking away, it’s the best way to tell that you are a strong man.

The second way to show a woman that you are not to be played with is to leave.

This is the meanest thing you can do to a woman!

Women hate it when guys leave them; it is going to send a strong message to them that they have wronged and that they need to consider themselves for what they did.

You need to be able to leave when she starts firing you, do this and you are going to feel strong again.

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