Monday, October 15, 2012

What a woman can teach you about women

I’ve watched many men interact with women, I’ve read many books on the subject of dating and romance, however, the one thing that was always lacking from these two satiations is having a feminine side to the interaction and the knowledge.

I explain, when a man is interacting with a woman, he will do one thing, try to seduce her by using his man’s brain and by trying to convince her to like him, and when a man will read a book on relationships and romance, he is going to find that all the ideas are related to the fact that he should be strong and dominant.

These two things are good, but why are still some guys struggling with women even after reading a lot of books and interacting with many women?

It’s because these guys don’t have a feminine perspective on what to do and how to act around women.

I’m going to give you this feminine perspective and I’ll show you as a woman what would please me the most to see a guy do and how he can convince me to like him.

The first important thing to make a woman like you is to be charming.

Unfortunately, not many books are going to deal with this trait in men and not many men know about this trait, they just think that being charming in being nice to a woman!

Well, this is not true, being charming is far from being nice, something it can be the total opposite.

The first way you can show that you are charming to a woman is by making her laugh at something totally outrageous!

For example, one evening, I was with my friends at a hotel lobby having some nice drinks and foods when a man came and started talking to us all, he then accused us of being some highly respect CEOs of different companies that are going to control the world when we are angry!

It’s a stupid idea and it will never happen, who knows, but it made us laugh a lot and we all thought that this guy was the most interesting and charming person ever.

You need to look at the situation and make the woman laugh at it from a totally different angle; it’s the best way to charm a woman.

The second way to make women like you is to behave as a beast.

You will never read this in your dating advices books, but it’s the truth about how women like their men to act with them.

I’ve seen many times with my female friends that when their boyfriends are going to call them and act very nice to them, they are going to feel repelled by them and not liking them at all, however, when a boyfriend would call his girlfriend and be totally domineering, she is going to respond by being very nice and very sensual to him.

Be strong with women, they love it when you take them by the hand and drive them, they want you to act as a beast, not as a pussy cat.

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