Monday, October 22, 2012

Top cars that attract women

Here is the thing I thought when I was a young person: women are not attracted to cars they are attracted to the way you drive them.

This is not true at all, women are attracted to cars, and that cars attract women no matter what they are going to tell you!

I'm going to show you the best cars to attract women and what are the most attractive things about these cars.

Women are not really attracted to cars as much as they are attracted to their drivers; however before seeing the driver, women are going to feel something strange about the person who is driving a big strong car.

Women are really attracted to car drivers, however before they can be attracted to car drivers, they are going to be attracted to the car itself.

Here are the best cars to attract women:

The first one is any classy car.

I'm sure that you have now in mind the Mercedes-Benz or a Bentley, these are some great cars to attract women.

Any car which is classy and has been designed with care is going to be very attractive to women.

Being classy isn't the only thing, the car has to also be expensive and rare, women are attracted uniqueness in everything.

The next cars that are going to be attractive to women are muscle cars.

Now, I'm sure that you are thinking about the great American cars, they are very attractive to women because they would show strength, passion, and they are also going to show style at the same time.

These types of cars are not only attractive to women but they are also projecting confidence about the guy driving them, because it takes some nerves to drive something as classy as a muscle car.

The third type of cars that is very attractive to women is sports cars.

These are the Porsche and Ferrari types, they are very attractive to women not because they are very fast or that they are very classy, they are attractive to women because they are unique and each car is going to take a lot of work and a lot of patience to get it.

The major thing about attracting women with cars is to think from the women's perspectives; they want a guy to be rich and to be self-confident.

These are the best cars that attract women, if you have the means of getting one of them, then it can really be something great to make women attracted to you very quickly.

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