Saturday, October 20, 2012

I can’t attract women!! Help!

So, you can't attract women! Really? This is a bad thing to say about yourself because every guy in this universe is able to attract women, this is something to never doubt about yourself.

Whether you are overweight, obese, blind, crippled, or very ugly, there is a woman outside who is dying to meet you, and who is really going to give her right eye to meet you and to be with you.

So, you still can't meet women? I'm going to convince you that you can.

Here is why you can't really attract any woman you want: it is because you are not the man.

Many guys are going to feel that they are not enough and are going to feel that they can't attract women and that they are incompetent. They are going to see themselves as ugly or as really not that attractive for women.

For example, I once asked a guy: what is attractive in you to a woman?

He simply kept looking at me without finding an answer, this is the truth about guys and this is what is making every single guy doubts himself and feel that he is not attractive to women.

The best advice I can give you on this subject is to start raising your self-esteem, your self-esteem is the way you view yourself and it is the way you see yourself and how you feel and judge yourself, for example a high self-esteem person is going to feel himself as very capable and that he is enough to himself and to other people.

However, a low self-esteem person is always going to see himself as lacking something and as not great and not enough for himself and for others.

You have to understand that women are not really attracted to your physique; they are attracted to your self-esteem and to your confidence. This is the best thing I'm going to say to you about attracting women, when you are confident enough and having high self-esteem, women are going to feel attracted to you no matter how you look or how do you appear to them.
  • The second thing I'm going to reveal to you about attracting women is that you will need to feel good about yourself first to make them feel good about you.
Women are going to feel great about you when you first feel great about yourself, and to make you feel great about yourself you have to start wearing nice things and taking good care of yourself.

This is the best way to attract women, look first attractive to yourself.

Start wearing some great clothes, start shopping for great clothes and great outfits all the time, start taking good care of your hygiene, go fix your teeth if you have some wacky teeth, buy some nice shoes, put on some great colognes all the time etc. when you start putting efforts into yourself and caring about yourself, women are going to start caring about you.

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