Friday, August 31, 2012

Are women attracted to married men?

To answer this question: are women attracted to married men? You have to understand one thing about women; it's the fact that women love things they can't reach!
So, are women attracted to married men? The answer is yes they are.

Here is a video that explains it all:

Now, how can you use something like this in your favor to attract more women into your life?

The answer is simple , you do as if you are a married man, this is not something tricky or something foolish to do to attract women, I know a lot of guys who have tried this and have succeeded a lot.

First, here are the things you need to understand about women and the psychology:

Number one: they want a guy who is unreachable most of the time, this is the same thing as with married men, they are unreachable most of the time and they tend to ignore their mistresses which makes them more attracted to them.

Number two: they want a guy who is already in demand, by this I mean that another woman has already fought for this guy and won his affection, to most women this will mean one thing: this guy is really a catch!

Number three: they want a guy who is already attached, this is somehow very sadistic of them because when they want to attract married man they already are playing with fire, because they are going to hurt another woman, but to women this is something they cannot resist because this guy will mean one thing: he is in high demand and he is a super catch, this means that women will do everything in their possible to attract such a guy.

I have a guy friend who is married for five years now, and he tells me that whenever he goes to the supermarkets or just to work, he would have women smiling at him and making themselves available to him a lot, this made his wife very jealous to the point of following him and trying to convince him not to go out alone!

Now this guy is not the most successful guy with women and he is certainly not the most attractive one, however women love an unreachable guy, women love a catch!

Are women attracted to married men?

Yes they totally are!

The next thing you need to do is to know how to attract women using this tip even if you are single. This is something very easy to learn just follow the link below:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What scent attracts women the most?

What scent attracts women? This is one of the most valid questions to ask if you want to attract women and to make them like you the first time the meets you.

Here, watch this video before YouTube removes it:

In this little post I will tell you what scent attracts women the most and how you can use it to make women like you and have a great first impression about you.

A lot of guys have asked me in the past about the most attractive features in men to women, and I've told them that the most attractive one is self-confidence.

This is true for all situations and all times , whenever a guy is with a woman, the first major sign of attraction from her is related to his self-confidence, if he's not self-confidence she will not be attracted to him.

Now let's say that you are already confident enough to approach a woman and to make her attracted to you, however you just need one little thing to make yourself more attractive to her.

This one little thing is simply an attractive scent!

What scent attracts women the most?

There are lots of them in the market right now; however most of these scents are already being put on by guys in clubs and restaurants and in every other places imaginable to you, this makes answering the question what scent attracts women the most quite difficult. It's because most guys already know that women are attracted to nice smells and nice scents.

I will not make you wait a long time; I will deliver to you the best scent to attract women now:

Here is it: it's called Marc Jacobs Men and it's made by Mark Jacobs.

This is the most attractive scent I have ever smelled and it's really unique and it's very rare that I smell it in a person, however the most distinctive thing about this scent is that most guys don't know about it, at least the guys who have not read this post.

Now that you know what scent attracts women the most, all you will need to do is to go to and acquire it now, one more thing, don't wear it every day, it will lose its effects around women, try not to tell other guys about it because when they start to notice the effects it has on women they will start to wear it to.

And remember one more thing, women don't like stuff that's already been put on by lots of men.

What scent attracts women the most? It's Marc Jacobs Men by Mark Jacobs.

Look, before I forget, watch this video my friend of mine it's really amazing:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The best way to attract women

In this post you are going to know about the best way to attract women, and how to achieve and to acquire this way into your life.

Most guys, when they think about attractive women, are going to think that it depends on money, fame, a good car, power, or muscles etc. however this is not the truth, women are attracted to other things rather than superficial stuff.

Before I tell you, I need you to watch this video is very important:

In this post you are going to know about the best way to attract women.
  • This way is called being superior!
I have never shared this way with other guys, it's because most guys will never understand how to achieve such superior way in dealing with women, even worse most guys are going to think that it's manipulative or that it's crooked!

However, you've come to this blog searching for answers about women and about attracting them, and I'm sure that you have a very open mind to new things and new realities about attracting women.

The superior way of attracting women depends on your self-confidence and your self-esteem.

The superior way is truly the best way to attract women because it means that you play no games with them and that you are not weak around them.

Let's talk about how to apply the superior away with women:

You will need to get these ideas first:

You are the man, you have an amazing opportunity to live your life and to be happy in your life, you are endowed to be happy, no one will criticize you, no one will degrade you and no woman is going to or is permitted to lower your self-esteem.

When you start thinking in those terms and in this way, lots of women are going to fear you and are going to get away from you, however most women are going to find you really attractive and very stable in your personality.

This is what I mean by the superior way to attract women, it's about being stable and it's about showing no weaknesses to women and being the best for them.

The second way to attract women is to be amazingly funny.

I'm sure that you remember from your days in school that one of the guys was really successful with women, and such a guy wasn't that great looking and wasn't that great athletic or amazingly rich, however he was really funny with girls, he would make them laugh, he would make them enjoy themselves when they were around him, he was the man!

To become this funny, you have to study being funny , you have to dedicate months of your life to becoming funny. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that it's easy, no it's going to require some hard work , but it's an investment in yourself and in your future.

To become funny: read about being funny, study standup comedians, learn from masters, attend shows and classes on comedy and acting etc.

This is what I've done in the past and it has helped me a lot to not only to become funny but to be self-confidence too.

Now imagine a man who has both the superior personality and the funny attitude! How would he react to women? How would women react to him?

He would have great success with women for sure.

This is the best way to attract women.

Try to watch this video for more information: