Friday, January 20, 2012

Where to take her on vacation

I don’t like the sea, I don’t like the mountain and I don’t like my city.

So, where should I take my girlfriend on vacation?

This is the question I’ve asked myself and I didn’t quite have an answer for until I’ve read something magic about relationships!

This great thing is a song called home, here is the video:

I loved the song and it almost got me crying the first times I’ve heard it.

I called my girlfriend on phone and told her that I’ve got a great place to go to for out vacation.

She was all excited, when she arrived I took her and kissed her, then I told her about my plans for spending the summer holiday in our city and to visit the places we’ve enjoyed in the past.

She was thrilled about this and told me that I’m her man and that I’m the one in charge.

I loved it and felt great about her.

When I told my friend about it, he simply asked the question: “why there aren’t so many women like her?”

The answer is pretty clear, it’s because there aren’t so many men as me.

I’ve spent many days looking and dating many women before I could find the one I really liked.

This is the point of this post: look for the right one and keep on looking until you’ve found her, it’s the only way you have.

My girlfriend is special because she will make me feel special and I’ll make her feel special too by being truthful to her.

How to tell if a woman is lying to you

You can’t be serious about meeting women and dating them if you didn’t think about this thing before: women lie a lot and they are very good at it.

Unless you want to be laughed about all the time, you better need to find a way to uncover their lies and know how to avoid them in the first place.
  • Here is the first sign a woman is lying to you: it’s in her body language.
Body language is a communication way that never lies.

Mae sure you get this.

When you see that a woman isn’t congruent in her body language, this will mean that she is lying to you.

Let me give you a small example: when the woman is talking to you and she looks your right in the eyes and tell you something and then look away, this will definitely mean that she is just lying to you and making you a fool.

This one thing will never lie, try to remember this.
  • The next body language to watch for is when she is talking to you and not looking at your eyes at all.
Guess what: she is lying again.

Not looking at you is a way of telling you that she can’t face you and that she is terribly uncomfortable about it.

You will need to understand these two signs and be quick at interpreting them.

The other way to tell if a woman is lying to you is by knowing her background a little bit.

You need to be a good investigator sometimes with women.

Here is the thing you need to be looking for: has she ever lied to you about small things?

My previous girlfriend would always lie to me about why she came late to a date, why she didn’t answer the phone …..

This was a clear sign that lying was a second nature to her.

When she looked at my eyes one night and told me that she was using pills, I knew she was lying and this prevented me from having a unwanted pregnancy and getting stuck with her.

Soon, I dumped her!

This can be a great way too, by all means use it a lot.

The other thing is how to prevent her from lying to you?

Let me give you this little joke: how can a shrink change a light bulb: the bulb needs first to want to change!

This means in our context that if the girl is ok with her lying and she maybe even enjoying it, then you will never succeed.

If however, she is scared she might lose you and lying is her way to keep you around her, you will simply look her right in the eyes and tell her that if she lied again to you, this mean the end of the relationship, and please, be serious about it and end it if she does it.

You will also need to reinforce her positive actions.

For example, if you confronted her and she acknowledged something she did, don’t make a scene about it if it’s nothing, simply hug her and tell her that you thank her for telling you the truth and move on.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obstacles to getting total tens

Have you ever thought about the obstacles that are preventing you from getting a total ten in your life?

If you didn’t, it’s not a big problem because I’ve thought about them and I’ve written about them her in this post.
  1. The first obstacle preventing you from getting a total ten in your life isn’t the clothing or money, but your mentality.
I’ve seen lots of guys out there in clubs and bars going to ugly girls, approaching them and getting seriously dumped while leaving totally gorgeous women hanging out alone.

This is a huge issue is you think deeply about it.

It shows that most guys are afraid of total tens and think that they will either reject them or play very hard to get with them.

The truth is that this is just an idea made by their imagination.

The reality is that a lot of what we consider total tens are just simple women who look good and are looking for a nice guy to be with.

This is what a lot of very gorgeous women have told me over and over and I’ve tried it and it works.

However, you need to be aware that not all beautiful women are going to like you and date you just by thinking that you can, this is a direct measure of other factors, here is another one of them:

Your appearance.

I once approached a gorgeous girl and she looked at me and then told me “I don’t date Hawaiian shirt guys!”

I wasn’t wearing a Hawaiian shirt; it was a very “cool” shirt I got from an event!

Women don’t understand the circumstances of you wearing something, what they understand is the fact that you look a certain way and that’s all.

So, don’t try to make excuses for yourself and start appearing as very attractive to women.

The next thing that’s preventing from getting a total ten in your life is the people you are with.

I was once dating this hot Latina girl, gorgeous girl with nice legs and body.

Back then, I was befriending a group of haters who were all very jealous of me for dating this bomb!

I didn’t know about it and stayed connected with them.

One of these guys was really determined to ruin everything with me and her, and he would tell me all the time that he saw her with this guy and that and that I was too good for her.

I started believing what he told me and I’d go to her every time and accuse her of cheating on me and that I should leave her.

She tried to calm me, but I was very angry.

She left me!

I was alone and angry at myself.

I decided to find out the truth and I discovered that she was seeing a good looking guy behind my back, I went and asked about him and he was her brother!!

Long story short: don’t be with guys who are less good with women than you, be with great guys or be alone.

Sometimes, It’s much better than being with negative people.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A mistake

A mistake i saw a friend doing late yesterday

I want to write this quick post to tell you about something I saw a friend f mine doing yesterday evening.

We were just finishing our dinner when he stood up next to us and begun to clean the table.

We were his guests and his wife was sitting there normally as if nothing has ever happened.

My wife later on told me that it was very humiliating what my friend did.

When I asked her to elaborate on the subject, she told me that his wife was sitting with them and relaxing as if he was a maid in her house.

I told my wife that helping one’s wife isn’t bad, but she then told me that it was a woman’s duty and job to make her man appear the most gracious and strongest of men and that my friend’s wife have missed on this.

I didn’t know about this to tell you the truth, I just thought that helping your wife or a woman clean the table was a nice thing, but apparently, it’s bad when she is sitting next to you enjoying herself and commanding you to wash the dishes when you are done.

This post is very small, but I think the idea in it is quite huge.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to make women like you

Whenever I start talking to a friend about women, it will always seem that he the most recurring subject is “how to make women like me?”.

This is the reason why I need to make things clear in this post about this crucial subject to most guys.

Making a woman like you is a pretty challenging experience if you are new to meeting women, and if you have some psychological troubles, it can even be very difficult.

Here are some shortcuts I will give to you that will make nearly all women you meet like you immediately.

I have to tell you this: they are not the real deal, in other words, women will like you for the first moments, but once you get to talk to them and you have very low self-esteem and confidence, you will have the opposite effect on them and they will feel terribly wrong about you.

That’s why I really advice you to read this article about self-confidence, it’s really interesting and informative.

The first tweak to make women like you is to have great shoes.

I’ve read a lot of articles and post about dressing and being good looking with women and in almost all of these articles, the authors will have just some few lines a talking about shoes and how to choose the best looking ones!

It’s a shame!

Most women have confessed to me that the shoes are the most important part in a man’s clothing and they can’t describe a man as attractive if he has got horrible shoes in his feet!

That’s the reality, accept it and do this to make this issue not yours at all:

You will need first to look for some nice shoes.

This can be done by going online to these online stores and look at their selection, they are simply stunning:!/men-loafers/CK_XARC21wE6BOYVmw3AAQLiAgUBGAIHBw.zso?s=goliveRecentSalesStyle/desc/

Then, you will need to choose a pair.

I will always advice guys to go for either brown shoes or black shoes, always dark colors.

They are simply the most attractive ones and the shoes that will go along with most clothes nowadays.
  • The next thing is to choose a pair of socks to go with your great shoes.
I assure you, all women will look at your shoes, then they will take a glance at your socks and see if they match the shoes, if they detect the smelled anomaly there, they will walk away from you.

My advice is to wear socks that match your shoes’ color.

The next advise you make women like you is to wear a good cologne.

It’s probably the single most important advice in dressing up and looking good, you can’t look great to women if you don’t smell or smell bad.

It’s just a fact!

There are a lot of great colognes out there and if I wanted to tell you about them, I’d have written a very long post, but I know a great brand, in fact, it’s not a brand, it’s a way: you go to amazon and you look for men’s colognes, then you simply choose the one that has the most positive reviews.

This will always work.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How to be a don Juan 2

I’ve promised you a trick to get into women’s pants fastly and easily.

This trick isn’t something new or related to your body language, it’s just an old fashioned male instinct that will get women to like and even feel hot about you.

Let’s begin with the first trick, and it’s: being cocky

Being cocky is probably the best sign of a great seducer.

I’ve seen a lot of weak guys in my whole life and I was one of them to say the truth and there was always one thing I noticed about weak guys: they could never upset a woman.

It’s true, if you cant upset a woman, you are lost and she will probably look for a guy who would upset her.

I know, this will sound terribly wrong, but remember that the word upset here is used to mean make her feel angry/liking you.

If you behave in a cocky way with women, they are going to view you as a bad boy, and you probably know that women like bad boys a lot.

In fact, in your previous high school, the best girls had bad boys as their boyfriends.

To be cocky, you will need to apply this to your behaviors: tease women a lot

Don’t compliment them

Walk ahead and let them follow you

Be dominating in your body language and don’t be brought down easily by their remarks.

Those are the best ways to become a true cocky guy around women.

The next thing I’d like to give you to become a true Don Juan is something very few guys will do, it’s being daring and rick taking.

You must be wondering that the first advise probably sounded better that this one, but the reality is that the first advice will serve you none if you don’t apply it with this one.

Let me give you one simple rule to apply with girls: they will never make the first move, you have to make it.

A great guy once told me that a girl would have sex behind a dumpster that her boyfriend choose than in a five stars hotel which she chose.

Women want you to take the lead and face all the troubles, if you can’t face these troubles on your own, then you will be regarded as useless and not able to be counted on.

And trust me, women will hate it and hate you as well.

These are the only thing you need to apply when dealing with women, other than these is just mere talking.

Good luck and keep on reading.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to be a Don Juan

Did you know that Don Juan was just a legend, I’ve read that he never excited and was only invented in literature.

He wasn’t meant to scare kids, but I think this character was meant to scare women into chastity.

Let me explain a little history to you, in the renaissance, women weren’t that liberated, I’ve read that a woman at that time would usually have sex with only one man in all her life, this man is usually her husband.

And there was a lot of pressure on chastity and adulterous women.

Fornication was taboo and even punished by law.

It was justified for mothers then to teach their daughters about chastity, but they couldn’t say such things as penis and vagina and don’t fuck!!

No, they had to use ather things, among them is story telling.

Don Juan is a great example, he was described as a libertine who would take a girl’s chastity and walk away.

Off course, a girl will never want to be viewed as sultry or impure, so, she will always fear a guy who will come to her and start seducing her.

She will say to herself that he’s only trying to get into her pants and will never be faithful to her.

Of course, there were sexual adventures back then, but they aren’t as many as today.

In my next post, I’ll give you a great way to get into women’s pants easily and quickly, just by following two simple tricks and techniques.

C u

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What your mother will never dare tell you about women

What your mother will never dare tell you about women

You may think that your mother was all truthful to you and all loving, thus she will never be wrong, especially on what concerns women.

However, from my experiences in speed dating and meeting women in general, I’ve noticed that a lot of what our mothers have told us is simply untrue!

Here, I’ll tell you three things my mother told me about women that fortunately were untrue.

The first of these is related to women’s desire for men.

I’ve long heard this saying that girls were made out of honey and boys out of fire or something like it.

This has led me to believe that I was rotten as a gender and I was valueless, especially to women.

My mother also told me that I was to be loving and extra caring for a woman and never disobey her, if I wanted a happy relationship with one.

This all have led me to believe that women will be doing me a favor if they are with me and that I should be extremely lucky if I ever find one who will like me.

However, in the real world, things are pretty much the contrary.

Experience has showed me that not only women like us men, but they crave us.

In fact, I’ve once heard a bunch of girls saying in whisper that I was cute!!!!

This was my awakening moment.

Women love us men and crave being with us.

If you need proof, just visit a dating website and you’ll find a bunch of women posting their pictures and doing crazy stuff to get men’s attention.

The next thing my mother forgot to tell me was about sex.

When I was just a little kid, my mother used to shout at me when I’d touch my penis, she’d even call me filthy when I was telling my big brother about a girl.

Yes, I was pretty screwed up in the past!!!

Heheheh, this is quite funny, because now, I see my penis as a pleasure giving organ.

In fact, my girlfriend think totally the opposite of my penis now :)

The third I want to awake you from is about relationships.

My mother used to tell me that I should find a sweet girl, settle down with her and have as many kids as possible.

It’s true, women want a relationship badly, but us men don’t!

So your objective in this life shouldn’t to do what your mom has told you about women and follow their wishes, your objective is to look carefully for a relationship material girl, test her a lot and only when you are satisfied with her and her only, accept her into your life.

Talk to you very soon.

Bye bye

Friday, January 13, 2012

A gsting or no gstring

My friend is dating a very hot woman, she isn’t a model, she isn’t a singer, she is just plain hot.

She takes good care of her body; spend all of her money and some of her credit on clothes and fancy stuff.

She looks great, I’ve said it to him on many occasions.

My friend is my hero; he told me this great thing once about his girlfriend and how he putted her back at her place.

He told me that because she was so sexy, she thought that she can do whatever she’d want and feels like.

Anyway, one morning, she was getting ready to go shopping with some of her female friends.

She had a shower and wore some nice clothes, when she was leaving, he noticed that you can easily see her gstring top, it was very obvious and even a crack of her ass was appearing when she bends over just slightly.

He called her and told her this.

She looked at him, smiled a little and said that she will fix her jeans when going out.

He looked at her and told her that she will not leave unless she takes that gstring off and wears something descent.

She was mesmerized and stared at him for a long time.

Then, she just went for the door to leave.

He stood up, took her by the hand and told her what he said before again.

She looked at him again, and threatened that he is not to command her.

He told her that if she wants to stay with him, she has a choice to make.

She was very stubborn, and went away anyway.

He took all of her things, throw them out and changed the door’s lock.

At her return, she was terribly upset and cursed a lot, then she went away.

That’s the story.

My friend is my hero because no matter how she looks sexy, he will not permit her to do whatever she wants.

No need to tell you that she tried calling him many times and soon gave up, he found a new girlfriend and is having a good time with her.

He gave me this great advice about women: set rules from the first moments and be ready to defend them; if she is against them, she can leave whenever she wants.

That’s how I’m dealing with women these days.

I have rules and I wont let them be walked on just because she wants to.

It’s a contract between you and women, if they cant honor that contract, then it will be void.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Four ways to escape the friend zone

These are the proven ways to escape from falling into the friend zone, or in other ways, escape the “let’s be friends” zone or “you are my best friend”….

I’ve suffered a lot from this shitty friend zone and I don’t want any other guy to suffer from it.

The friend zone is terrible and you need to escape it as soon as possible, in fact, I’m wrong if I tell you that you need to escape it, what you really need to do is to never fall in it on the first place.

Here is the first thing to avoid falling into the friend zone and even escape it: stop giving too much of yourself!

It can sound harsh to say this and it will sound stupid, but the reality is that when you are too nice and too good to women, they are going to reward you with lots and lots of mischiefs and bad behaviors and finally they are going to make you into their “best friend”.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve been there and I know from a fact that this is the first thing we nice guys ten to do that will make women so “friendly” to us.

You need to avoid giving too much of yourself.

This means that when she doesn’t ask you for help, don’t go to her and propose to help her, when she is having financial troubles, don’t for to her and give her money to “help” her, when she wants to talk about something, don’t listen blindly to anything she will tell you…

Stop giving too much of yourself.

The other way to escape the friend zone and never fall in it is by asking her to be a true woman to you.

When I was learning how to have success with women, I’ve always thought that I should never make a move, sexual, towards my girlfriend, this led me to always feel ashamed about advancing with her, even holding her hand was a difficult thing to do for me.

Soon, I found her fantasizing about other guys and calling me her “best friend”!!!!!!

Don’t let this happen to you, kiss her as soon as possible, touch her on her hand, shoulder and hug her sexually when you want to.

If you see that she isn’t receptive or she wants to throw the “sex card” at you and make you do stuff for her to get cuddles and warmth from her, use this line on her, it will give her a clear message of what do you want from her:

“I’m not here with you to share my emotions and to be your best friend, I want sex, hot sex, and I want to cuddle, I want kisses and I want a true woman, not a dull or a nasty manipulative one, if you think you can provide this, then welcome to my world, if you feel you can’t satisfy me, then by all means leave, and I’d thank you for it”.

You may sound like you’ve got rage and anger in your voice, this is why you will need to calm down and say it with a low calm voice.

If she is interested in you, she’d not agree with you, but she’d be receptive towards your sexual energy, however, if she is a nasty bitchy woman, she will confront you on it and make you appear weaker, then by all mean leave her alone and go find yourself a nice girl to be with.