Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can celery attract women?

Can celery really attract women?

This is true according to the latest findings in science, celery is really a great herb to attracting women.

I'm going to reveal to you in this post why celery is great at attracting women.

Who would believe this? Celery to attract women! But this is the reality, have you ever smelled celery?

It is really strong smelling and it has sweet tone to it, now when you start eating celery all the time, your body is going to start producing pheromones and nice smells from it.

In fact, they are not really nice smells, you will not notice any difference, but to women, they are going to feel instantly attracted to you and magnetically appealed by you.

This is the secret about how celery is amazing at attracting women, now the next thing you have to learn about is how much celery is going to be needed to attract women?

The simple answer to this question is to eat about 2 tablespoons every day.

This is what I have tried in the past two months; I started eating 2 tablespoons a day of celery, raw celery, to attract women.

This is what my girlfriend has said to me: "you smell nice"!

The thing is I wasn't wearing cologne and I haven't showered in about three days.

Somehow, celery is very attractive to women because it is going to make a man smell natural and smell like health and strength, these are some fragrances that are really attractive to women.

The next thing you have to learn about celery to attract women is that you should not shower every single day.

This is because celery is going to build your smell, it is going to make you smell strong, and it is going to make you smell natural and attractive to women.

When you start showering every single day, you are going to deplete the natural smell from your body and substitute it with chemical smells that women are really bored off.

This is the essence of attracting women by just eating celery, it is the fact that women are really fed up with guys smelling like nice brands all the times, they are now looking for guys who smell like nature and smell authentic to them.

The second thing you need to learn about attracting women using celery is that you should train your body and you should sweat more.

When you start exercising, your body is going to produce sweat, but it is also going to produce many different pheromones and hormones to make you stronger and to make you more attractive to women.

Have you ever noticed this: when you train your body, you are going to start smelling bad to yourself, However if you asked a woman about the best moments and the best activities to do with her man she is going to tell you that one of the best things she likes about her man is when he's done exercising, it is because he is at his peak pheromone production.

Celery attract women, this is a fact.