Sunday, October 14, 2012

Master the silent language to make women easily attracted

Did you know that there was a silent language to seducing women and to making them attracted to you more?

This silent language is called body language.

Indeed, it’s a very special language that most of you have probably heard of, but the great problem is that there isn’t a great guide out there on making the best use of it when it comes to women, most guides will talk about business and maybe relationships or selling, but when it comes to dating, I’ve rarely found a good guide on it.

I’ll try to give you the most important point to focus on and to apply when you are trying to date a woman and what you need to really not mess with your body.

The first thing to focus on is the way you stand.

Women love tall guys, there is no denying of this one, but do you know why?

It’s because tall guy are a symbol of security and comfort to them, they look dominate and very secure to women.

That’s the whole difference from a short guy.

No matter how confident and self-assured the short guy is, he will never be as attractive as a tall guy!

But wait a sec here!!!

Doesn’t this mean that short guys will have no chances with women?

It’s not the case, short guys will do great with women is they apply this silent language technique: stand tall

That’s it, or in other words: stand straight!

When you stand straight, you will naturally look tall and attractive to women, even if you take a very short guy, he’ll be a hundred times more attractive than short guys.

Just try it if you are short.

The second silent language technique is to act slowly.

I’ve learned this technique from a dear friend of mine who would describe to me how unsecure guys would move:

In his words, he’d say: “they move like robots, they talk like robots and they laugh like idiots”!

Don’t be like this, instead, just talk and act slowly and indifferently.

You should know that whenever a woman is talking to a guy and he’s acting rapidly and excessively, she will doubt that he’s got no self esteem and that he’s a waste of time.

Prove to her the reverse by acting slowly and assertively.

The third way to master the art of silent language is to never laugh.

You’ve read correct: never laugh!

Just talk to them and “try” to never laugh, instead, you have to appear as angry.

Don’t mock this advice; it can save you a lot of troubles with women.

Just act like you are angry with the world, and be fun with her, just don’t laugh at things you tell her.

These ways are proven to work and will make most women interested and highly attracted to you.

I didn’t want to load you with lots of techniques; just the bare necessary and you shall do great.

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