Thursday, October 11, 2012

How does a guy fall into the friend zone and what he can do about it

“Let’s be just friends!”

I know that this is a terrible thing to hear for a guy and it can even sound more terrible than failing an exam or losing a job, at least this is how thousands of guys feel about it.

You need to understand that girls won’t say it randomly to guys; they won’t just say that they want to be friends with a guy they like and truly appreciate.

When girls say this, what they really mean is that they not feeling comfortable about a guy and that they are not feeling that he is man enough to keep being with him.

This is the mystery behind the let’s be friends, expression.

If you’ve heard it before from a woman, it meant that you were to effeminized to her and she had enough of you.

Unfortunately, you can’t escape the friend zone when she has categorized you in it, your only choice is to know what you did wrong and to avoid the things that caused you to fall in it.

Here is what can make a guy fall into the friend zone:

The first reason why a guy is going to fall into the friend zone is because he is going to be too needy of a girl.

Being needy is the first reason why women are going to leave most men;

It simply means that a man is not man enough to face life and its struggles and he needs the woman to be with him and to stand next to him to survive life.

For a woman, this is a terrible thing because she wants the man to face life for her and to be strong when she is around him.

Here are some instances when a guy is truly needy of a woman:

When a guy starts complimenting a woman too much

When a guy start talking too much with a woman

When a guy calls a woman a lot and is all the time looking for opportunities to be with her

When you can’t spend a day without calling or texting her

. . .

These are only some sorts of being needy to a woman; of course, there are other sorts as well.

You can’t with women if you keep on acting these ways at all.

The second reason why women are going to categorize a man in the friend zone is because he is too nice.

Too nice simply means that you don’t have a strong self esteem around a woman.

For example, most women are going to test men and use them as a shoulder to cry on!

This is terrible and it’s going to get them into the friend zone quickly.

The best way I to simply do this: when a woman starts talking to you about her problems and chick issues, simply look her right in the eyes, take her phone and also her to call her girlfriend and talk to her about it.

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