Sunday, October 7, 2012

Attraction to older women?

Do you feel attraction to older women?

Great, I've got what you need in this post. In this short article, you are going to learn about how to attract older women, and why you have attraction to older women?

Your attraction to older women is not a problem, your attraction to older women is not an issue, and your attraction to older women is not a difficult thing.

In fact, attraction to older women is very natural and very rewarding.

In my life, I have dated a lot of older women, to most people this is going to be seen like a psychological problem I may be suffering from, but I assure you, I am a very normal person and I feel great about myself all the time.

My attraction to older women didn't come from a need of motherly affection or from serious problem with my brain, no, it came from my desire to have fun and to enjoy myself with knowledgeable, mature women.

The best thing I've done to attract older women is being easy-going.

I know that most guys, when thinking about attraction to older women, are going to say to themselves that they should dress in a very flashy ways or use some techniques or some tricks to attract these older women.

But the reality is that older women are not attracted to flagrant humor or your car or the way you dress! No, older women are only attracted to the way you deal with them and the way you make them feel.

This means one thing: when you start behaving in a very easy-going way, this means that you don't give a F*** about what you are doing with a woman or what you should be behaving like with her, she will feel attraction for you and she will feel that you are a very fun person to be with.

The next technique I would like to show you in order to attract older women is to start becoming fun to them.

By fun, I don't mean telling them jokes or showing them your funny side. Being fun means one thing: you are the leader, you show them fun places and fun activities to do, you will make them laugh, and you tease them.

These are the most attractive things older women are seeking all the time, if you don't provide them with these, they are going to get bored with you, and they are going to leave you.

To know these things I can only recommend one thing: watch the following video:

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