Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What are the colors that attract women?

What are the most attractive colors to women? What colors attract women the most?

If you are a self-conscious man, and I'm sure that you are one because you've came to this blog and read this post, I'm sure that you are dying to know about the best colors and the best shades to put on to make women attracted to you.

I'm going to show you the best colors that attract women and how to wear these colors.

The best colors that attract women are not the red or the yellow! They are not those colors that we think of most of the time.

It's true that red and pink attract men the most to women, however women are not attracted by these colors a lot.

I was once shopping for some shirts when I picked a very red shirt, I had a woman next to me shopping for her husband, I went to her and asked her whether this color was good or not?

She looked at me, looked at the shirt and simply said in and indirect way that no woman is going to be attracted to this color at all.

Most women are going to notice the guy wearing a red shirt and they are going to say to themselves: he is a player!

I'm sure that you don't want women to perceive you as a player and that you are going to want women to see you as who you are, as a very attractive and unique man.

That's why you will need to wear the very most attractive colors to women.

The best colors that attract women are: dark Brown, dark blue, black, white, dark green.

These are the only colors that you should be wearing; avoid wearing any colors outside these color range.

Women are going to feel amazingly good about a guy who wears dark colors, it's not because of his tastes, and it's not because these colors are attractive by nature to women.

It's because these colors will mean one thing to women: this guy knows how to dress; this guy takes good care of himself.

This is totally different when it comes to trousers and jeans, never wear dark Brown, white or dark green jeans, absolutely never!

You should just wear these colors on your shirts and on your jackets.

Now that you know the best colors that attract women, the most interesting thing you can do is to start asking women about their opinions on the best suiting colors for you to wear.

To this, start first by watching the following video:

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  1. Hundred study results say that red does attract women. Your research criteria is based on you and one persons opinion... You're right about certain psychological effects of other colors, however your opinion of red is biased and poorly based. I call bullshit. Lol