Friday, October 26, 2012

Best pheromone to attract women

A Pheromone to attract women?

I know that this is going to sound like science fiction to most people out there, however the reality is that pheromones do exist and that pheromones are going to attract women no matter what other people are going to think about them. Of course

I've heard this before that pheromones are not really useful to attracting women and that pheromones are really a commercial lie!

The truth is that I've tried many pheromones in the past and that most of them are really just scams and that most of them are simply made out of urine!

I know, this will sound horrific to you but this is the truth, when you start packaging urine in nice bottles and telling people that it is pheromones and that it is good for them even if it smells bad , they are going to believe you and they are going to try it for themselves, this is what most pheromones are nowadays.

This is why I'm going to reveal to you the best pheromones to attracting women, you are lucky if you find them in a mall , however I'm not sure that it is possible because most shops don't believe in these pheromones.

The best pheromone to attracting women is called N10Z [INTENSE]

I bought it in the past and I tried it and it is very amazing with women!

I was once sitting in a club by myself minding my drink when all of a sudden a woman came by to me and started talking to me and telling me that she couldn't tell whether she was attracted to me or whether she found my smell very nice, but the reality was that I have put my pheromone on the night before, a friend just bought it and he sprayed some on me, it was really effective and working great.

That pheromone that I've borrowed from a friend, made me look not only attractive to other women but really amazingly seductive to them.

I don't mean that women are going to believe and to be attracted to every guy that would use it, you have first to have some inner game and some self-confidence, this is why I'm going to advise you to watch the following video:

This is the best pheromones to attract women, remember to always associate your pheromone with your outer looks and with your self-confidence.

A great pheromone without self-confidence is really a nasty smell , however if you are really confident enough to go talk to women and to face them with your eye contact, they are going to feel huge attraction for you thanks to the audition of pheromones to your arsenal, it is the best way to attract women in my opinion.

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