Wednesday, October 17, 2012

survive a rejection in a club

A girl rejecting a guy in a public place is a pretty normal and casual thing, however, a girl rejecting a guy in a club can seem like the end of the evening’s fun and the guy’s reputation in that specific club!

It’s frightening but it’s true, when a girl rejects you in a crowded or even worse, an empty club, it will be extremely difficult to get lucky around other girls for the rest of the night and it will be terribly shameful for the guys who are with you!

This is the reason why you have to avoid getting rejected at clubs and most importantly, you have to know how to handle such rejection extremely well, because once you know how to handle them, you are going to find that you will have amazing success with women and most girls in the club will be looking forward to meeting you and getting approached by you.

You will become attractive and charming, without ever saying a word.

The right attitude to approaching girls in clubs!
  • The first thing you need to think about when wanting to approach a girl in a club is to look at the best opportunity.
There is not more absurd than going to approach a girl who is already in a bad situation or already busy and getting rejected by her and then trying to look cool.

You are simply going to make things bad for yourself.

You need to first select the greatest and most easy target for you to approach, you need to be very clever about the best girl to approach and whether it’s going to be risky for you or not!

It’s important.

For example, if you see that a girl is busy with another guy and then when he goes to the toilet, don’t run to her and try to approach her, you are going to make problems for yourself.

The best thing is to select the best target for you.
  • The second thing you need to apply is to always look for the best ways to approach a girl.
In other words, don’t look for the most complicated things to do.

I know a guy who would simply look at a girl seriously and then he would smile, then he would look at her again and he would frown his face.

This is a great technique to approach a girl in a club and it works great.

Always look for things you can do that are very economical and that will lead the girl to having no problems with you approaching her.

Let us talk for the moment about the best ways to survive a rejection in a club.

It’s to simply look at her and then smile and tell her this: “oops! For a moment I thought you were a great catch! Sorry! Good luck!”

And you go away!

This is what would happen: the girl is going to feel bad and all the girls in the club are going to notice what you did and they are going to feel that you are such a strong guy.

This is a great thing for your reputation and it’s going to get you a lot of luck with the girls.

What to do then when she rejects you?
  • The third way to survive being rejected in a club is to smile and joke about it.
A lot of women will not reject you because you look bad or smell bad, they will do it because they want to test you and see what you are really made of.

In other words, they don’t want to lose their time with you.

One of the worst things guys can do when they are rejected is to go away with their tail between their legs, like a defeated animal.

The best thing you can do when she rejects you is to smile at her and simply joke about her decision and that she did it because she finds you too sexy and too attractive and that she can’t handle such a great guy as you.

Play with it and joke about it, it will show that you are confident and that you have great self-esteem.

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