Monday, October 1, 2012

Using body language to attract women

How to use your body language to attract women? This is the promise of this post, it's to show you the best ways and techniques to attract women using only your body as a mean to make them perceive you as desirable and attractive.

When I started learning about attracting women, the first things I started focusing on were my techniques and what I should be saying to women, however after only some few months of trying these techniques, I realized that they were not taking me anywhere, in fact they were taking me to some places: these places were misery and sadness, plus a little depression.

All this changed when I started reading about attracting women and studying women in general, I found out that women are communicating in a totally different manner than men.

For example, if I go to a stranger guy and I tell him that I know him from somewhere, he will look at me and convince me that he doesn't know me.

This guy will hear a simple message that I am confusing him with another person. However if I went to a woman and told her the same message, she will immediately feel that I am hitting on her and she will ignore me.

It's all in the way you talk with your body, it's all related to your body language.

Your body language constitutes more than 90% of your whole communication.

Here are some techniques to use to improve your body language to attract women:

Technique number one is to stop smiling.

I've noticed one thing about smiles: they will work with babies, they will work with dogs, they will not work with women and people!

I learned also one more thing about smiles: they are signs to tell someone else that we are dominated and that we are of low status!

This is simple to understand: if you smile a lot , people are going to perceive you as having low self-esteem and as being inferior.

So, tip number one: stop smiling!

Yes, you can smile from time to time but don't overload people with your smiles.

The second technique to use your body language to attract women is to: speak less.

When you don't say a lot of words in your communication, your body will start to do the rest, your body will take advantage of the lack of verbal communication and your brain will start immediately focusing on body language communication.

The third technique to using body language to attract women is to look them in the eyes.

I was once dating a gorgeous girl, she dumped me!

I asked her later on for the reasons and she simply said to me that I wasn't true to her! I tried to understand what she meant by this, however after some few tries I couldn't, so I went to the experts on this matter: women.

I told my sister about this woman and what happened to me with her, my sister looked on the ground and told me that she will be very frank with me, she said that I was too weak. I asked about the reasons and she said that I don't look women in the eyes.

So, I started applying her advice, I started looking at women right in the eyes whenever I was talking to them, and the next thing was women going crazy for me and calling me all the time to meet.

These are the only techniques I'm going to give you for now, if you start applying these three techniques, believe me your success will skyrocket.

To know more tricks and techniques related to using the language to attract women, please ask the following video:

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