Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to attract any women

How to attract any women is not a matter of what you should say or what you should wear, it's a matter of what you should do and act.

How to attract any women?

The best way to answer this question is to tell you about the two traits to use all the time to attract women and to make them appreciate you a lot.

I'm going to reveal to you those techniques that no guru or no pickup artist is willing to share with you.

These techniques are not very difficult to use and they are not very complicated nor require a lot of money to implement, these techniques are only going to require one thing from you: a commitment to applying them.

The first technique on how to attract any women is to starts looking them right in the eyes.

No, don't close this post thinking that this is another boring article about eye contact!

No, this post is only about showing you what tricks and techniques to use around women.

The gurus and the dating experts are going to tell you about eye contact and they are going to reveal to you that it's an amazing technique, however they will never show you the right way to do eye contact.

It's not that they don't want you to know about this way, they just don't want you to know that they don't know themselves how to use eye contact to attract women.

The best way to use eye contact to attract women is to simply look them in the eyes and then start looking down their nose and their lips, look at their lips as if you want to kiss them , however the moment you start looking at their lips that way, look back in their eyes and have a little smile.

Women are going to fall in love with this technique; in fact women are going to feel so sexually attracted to you because only the most strong and most powerful man will use this technique with them.

The second way on how to attract any women is to start talking women's language. By women's language I don't mean soap operas and drama.

By women's language I only mean using the right words and the right vocabulary to communicate with women's desires and instincts.

The best technique I've found so far to use to attract women, in fact to attract any women is to start listening to them.

You cannot know how many women are feeling frustrated and are feeling horrible about their lives because no one is giving a damn about what's happening in their lives and what are they suffering from.

When you, as a man, start paying attention to them and start listen to them genuinely, they are going to feel attracted.

However to attract any women you should really do both these techniques, you should never neglect any one of them.

Here are some more amazing techniques:

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