Monday, October 8, 2012

How to attract women with words

Yes, there are certain words that will attract women more than other words.

This is the aim of this post, to show you how to attract women with words, and make you understand that women are not going to think about attraction like us men do, the aim of this post is to make you understand that women are sensitive to words and that women are going to get attracted and be attracted to you whenever you use these words with them.

The best words to use to attract women are called confidence words.

I'm sure that by the word confidence you already know what that this post is going to be about self-confidence. This post is going to be about words that demonstrate confidence to women and words that say to women that you are the best man, that you are a catch for them.

So how to attract women with words? It's simple, try to implement and use the following words in your discussions and conversations with women whenever possible:

The first word to always use to attract women is: I am fearless.

Of course I don't mean these same words to be used every time with women, no, what I mean is to use variants of these words whenever you are talking to women.

Women are naturally very attracted to the most powerful and strongest men, when you start demonstrating in your language that you are confident and that you are not afraid of anything, women are going to feel biologically interested and attracted to you.

That's why you have to always implement this fearless notion into your language and that you need to always think of the best ways to demonstrate that you are not afraid of anything for the sake of the woman you are with.

Of course, I don't mean by this term even when yourself in a dangerous situation, what I mean is to simply look into real situations where you can be fearless and show to the woman fearless emotions and gestures.

For example, I remember one day I was walking with my girlfriend, when we so a huge guy walking to us, I knew that he was harmless, but my girlfriend was scared as hell!

I simply kept talking and smiling at her, she was in love with me for the rest of her life :-)!

Women are attracted to confident guys, be a confident guy and you will see her not only attracted but in love with you.

You have to start implementing fearless vocabulary into your conversations with women.

The second thing about how to attract women with words is to use conscious words.

Women are interested in guys who know that they exist, who know that they have a road and a code by which they lead their lives.

I'm sure that you are thinking that this post has gone a little crazy, however women are really interested in conscious words all the time.

For example, whenever you are talking with a woman try to implement these words: I feel, I will do, it's not my goal, my goal is, I would like to be etc.

Whenever you are talking with women and using those words, they will know that you are confident about yourself and where you are going.

I'm not sure if you know whether these are attractive to women or not, but I'm going to tell you one thing: women are not only attracted to a man who uses these words, but they are also attracted to men who are going somewhere in their lives, they are attracted to men who know what they want in life and who are making efforts to get it.

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