Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to attract white women

Would you like to know how to attract white women? I've got the right solution for you.

First of all, I’m not a black guy or a Hispanic guy, I'm a very white guy!

I'm so sorry if this came as racist or as rude, however what I mean by saying these words is that I know what white women want and I know how to give it to them.

How to attract white women is all a matter of saying and doing what white women expect from you.

Before I tell you, go watch the following video:

We tend to forget that women, black, white, Asian, Indian etc. are all women after all and they all want the same thing.

White women are no different at all, they want confident and a self-assured guy.

No matter how you look or how you speak, white women are always going to find you attractive if you start doing these things:

The first one on how to attract white women is to start using the language of confidence.

By the language of confidence I simply mean using words and certain phrases that demonstrates confidence and high self-esteem.

I will give you these words now: I don't fear, I love myself, I respect others, I find myself attractive, all women are attracted to me.

Whenever you are talking to women, try to use these few words and phrases in your sentences.

I don't mean by using these words that you should use them literally! No, what I mean is to use similar words and similar phrases whenever you are talking to white women.

You should be using phrases that resemble these in meaning.

The second thing to attract white women is to start paying close attention to your body and the way you look.

I've got a confession to say and to make to you: no matter how a white guy is going to train and to work out, he would always look lousy!

I know that this is quite funny and good at the same time however; us white guys, because of our skin color, will never look as muscular and attractive of colored guys.

You don't know how gold you are, you don't know how white women are looking for you all the time.

Starts training, start doing push-ups every day, starts making yourself sexy for white women, and you are going to attract white women.

If you start paying close attention to what you are wearing and what you are looking like in your physique, white women are going to find you dead gorgeous.

Here are the areas you should focus on: building strong muscles, wearing sexy colors and nice classy trousers and shoes, paying close attention to your hair and your smell etc.

If you like to know more about the physical aspects we need to focus on to attract white women, have a look at the following video:

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